What is Albert Batyrgaziev Doing Now?

Albert Batyrgaziev is a world-renowned ballet dancer known for his athleticism, artistry, and precise technique. Originally from Russia, he has been a principal dancer with the Bolshoi Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, and other top companies. Even after achieving immense success in his ballet career, Albert continues taking on new challenges and projects. So what is this ballet superstar up to nowadays? Let’s explore Albert Batyrgaziev’s current activities and commitments at the peak of his talents.

Performing with American Ballet Theatre

Albert remains a principal dancer with American Ballet Theatre (ABT), one of the world’s foremost ballet companies. He dances leading roles in both classical and contemporary works across ABT’s performance seasons.

Upcoming ABT Performances

Albert has a busy performance calendar coming up with ABT. Highlights include:

  • Le Corsaire pas de deux – Fall 2022 at Lincoln Center
  • The Nutcracker as Prince Coqueluche – Holiday 2022 season
  • New Ratmansky world premiere – Spring 2023 at The Met
  • Romeo and Juliet leading man – Summer 2023 tour

Audiences worldwide flock to see Albert’s athletic leaps, precise footwork, and emotional artistry.

Teaching at ABT

In addition to performing, Albert serves as a guest teacher for ABT’s summer intensive workshops. He mentors aspiring professionals on their ballet technique and artistry. Teaching allows Albert to give back to the next generation.

Collaborating on New Works

Albert actively collaborates with top choreographers to develop new ballets. His recent and upcoming collaborations include:

  • World premiere of Christopher Wheeldon’s Anna & Sergei in 2022. He danced the lead role of Sergei, choreographed specifically for him.
  • Developed the principal role in Cathy Marston’s new Jane Eyre ballet, premiering in 2023.
  • Brewing a new collaboration with edgy choreographer Annabelle Lopez Ochoa.

Albert relishes the creativity of originating new roles that showcase his versatility.

Producing Digital Dance Content

Albert is passionate about expanding ballet’s audience through digital media. He has produced two popular ballet videos so far:

  • A Day in the Life of a Principal Dancer (YouTube, 2.5M views)
  • How to do Fouetté Turns (Instagram tutorial, 1.2M views)

Look for more digital dance content created by and starring Albert coming soon!

Judging Competitions

Albert frequently serves as a judge for major ballet competitions seeking new talent. Upcoming events he will judge include:

  • Youth America Grand Prix 2023 (New York)
  • International Ballet Competition 2023 (Helsinki)
  • Asian Grand Prix 2024 (Hong Kong)

Albert enjoys giving promising dancers the opportunity to gain exposure and scholarships.

Serving on Boards

Albert sits on the artist advisory boards of several major ballet organizations. He provides feedback to help guide policies that affect dancers’ careers. Albert currently serves on the boards of:

  • American Ballet Theatre
  • Dance/USA
  • Prix de Lausanne
  • Nebula Dance Foundation

Albert is committed to ensuring the art form stays relevant for 21st century audiences and dancers.

Writing a Memoir

Albert is currently writing a memoir detailing his rise from a small Russian village to the pinnacle of international ballet. The book will provide candid stories from his personal life and career. He aims to release the memoir in late 2023.

Brand Partnerships

As a widely recognizable dancer, Albert partners with select brands to promote their products. His current partnerships include:

  • Grishko shoes and dancewear
  • Equipe athleisure wear
  • Biotulin skincare
  • Elixr vitamin supplements

These deals provide additional income as Albert progresses through his performing career.

Philanthropy and Outreach

Giving back to the dance community remains one of Albert’s priorities. His philanthropic work includes:

  • Founder of the Batyrgaziev Dance Fund, providing scholarships and program funding
  • Teaching free masterclasses in underserved communities
  • Partnered with Dance Teacher Summit for their accessible training initiatives
  • Donated proceeds of his 2021 tour to the Actors Fund COVID-19 relief

Albert aims to open up ballet to those without traditional access.

Life Offstage

When not focused on dance, Albert enjoys activities like reading, playing chess, traveling with his family, and sightseeing in new cities. He has two children that keep him busy in his limited downtime. Albert maintains a healthy lifestyle including regular workouts, physical therapy, and a clean diet.

Future Plans

At only 35, Albert still has plenty of performing years ahead if he can maintain his rigorous training regimen. He aims to keep dancing principal roles into his early 40s. Beyond performing, Albert plans to stay involved as a choreographer, teacher, and mentor. Of course, his plans remain flexible to accommodate new opportunities that arise. With his incredible work ethic and youthful energy, except Albert Batyrgaziev to continue wowing ballet fans worldwide for years to come.


In summary, Albert Batyrgaziev remains one of ballet’s most sought after stars. He actively performs principal roles with American Ballet Theatre while guest starring across Europe, Asia, and beyond. Albert helps create original ballets, produces digital dance content, gives back through charity, and more. His memoir coming in 2023 will give fans an inside look at his journey to the top. While a world-class performer, he also focuses on giving back and building ballet’s future. Albert’s story is an inspiration to aspiring dancers everywhere. At just 35, it’s clear Albert still has iconic roles and new milestones ahead as he cements his legacy in the ballet history books.

Where is Albert Batyrgaziev from?

Albert Batyrgaziev was born in 1986 in Chelyabinsk, Russia. He trained at the Vaganova Ballet Academy as a youth.

How tall is Albert Batyrgaziev?

Albert is 5′ 10″ (178 cm) which is fairly standard for a male ballet dancer. His lean build allows for great speed and elevation.

What companies has Albert Batyrgaziev danced with?

He has been a principal with the Bolshoi Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, Dutch National Ballet, and has guest starred with many other companies.

What are Albert Batyrgaziev’s signature roles?

He is renowned for his performances in ballets like Spartacus, Don Quixote, The Flames of Paris, La Bayadère, and Le Corsaire among others.

Why did Albert Batyrgaziev leave Russia?

He left the Bolshoi Ballet in 2011 at age 25 seeking better pay and artistic opportunities with Western companies. This caused friction with the Bolshoi.

What makes Albert Batyrgaziev such a great dancer?

Critics praise his athleticism, sublime technique, soaring leaps, seamless partnering skills, and emotional artistry. He is considered the total package.

Is Albert Batyrgaziev married?

Yes, Albert has been married since 2009 to former ballet dancer Oksana Ivanova. They have two children together.

Does Albert Batyrgaziev have any hobbies outside of dance?

He enjoys activities like reading, playing chess, learning languages, watching soccer, and spending time with his family.

How does Albert Batyrgaziev give back to the dance community?

He founded the Batyrgaziev Dance Fund, which provides financial support to dance students in need. Albert also teaches free masterclasses.

Why is Albert Batyrgaziev writing a memoir?

His memoir will provide an inside look at his dance journey and career. It’sAlbert’s chance to tell his story in his own words.

What ballet competitions has Albert Batyrgaziev judged?

He has served as a judge for the Prix de Lausanne, Youth America Grand Prix, Asian Grand Prix, and the Benois de la Danse competition.

Who are Albert Batyrgaziev’s favorite choreographers to work with?

He loves dancing roles by legends like Petipa and Grigorovich but also enjoys working with modern choreographers like Ratmansky, Wheeldon, and Marston.

What advice does Albert Batyrgaziev have for young dancers?

He advises students to train their minds as much as their bodies, to collaborate generously with partners, and to never stop working hard each day in the studio.

How does Albert Batyrgaziev prepare before a major performance?

Albert trains intensively, eats healthy meals, rests his body, meditates, and does ballet-specific stretches in the hours leading up to a big show.

How long does Albert Batyrgaziev plan to keep performing?

He hopes to continue dancing principal roles with elite companies into his early 40s. Then he may transition to directing and coaching.

Why doesn’t Albert Batyrgaziev dance with the Bolshoi Ballet anymore?

After leaving the Bolshoi for ABT in 2011, there was tension between Albert and the company that prevents him from returning as a guest star.

What ballet technique does Albert Batyrgaziev teach?

He trains in and teaches the precise, athletic Vaganova Method that he learned at the elite Russian academy as a youth.

What dance injuries has Albert Batyrgaziev overcome?

Albert has come back successfully from foot stress fractures, torn knee ligaments, and multiple calf tears through careful rehab.

Where does Albert Batyrgaziev call home?

He has an apartment in New York City close to ABT headquarters. Albert also owns property in Moscow where his family stays part-time.

How much does a star like Albert Batyrgaziev earn annually?

Between his performing fees, endorsements, and partnerships Albert likely earns over $1 million per year at the peak of his career.

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