What is Andrew Lincoln Doing Now?

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Andrew Lincoln is an English actor best known for his portrayal of Rick Grimes on the hit AMC zombie series The Walking Dead from 2010 to 2018. With the show’s lengthy run now behind him, fans are curious what Lincoln has been working on more recently and what he has lined up for the coming years.

Lincoln has already shown off impressive acting range over his career – from charming romantic leads to complex antiheroes and everything in between. He boasts natural talent and charisma that has translated to success on both the small and big screens.

So what projects have occupied his time since departing The Walking Dead and what does the future look like for Andrew Lincoln in 2023 and beyond?

Current and Upcoming Projects

The Walking Dead Rick Grimes Movies

While Rick Grimes is gone from the TWD TV series, his story is not over yet on the screen. AMC plans to produce a series of original movies focused on Lincoln’s character Rick in the zombie apocalypse universe he inhabited for nearly a decade. Little is known about potential release dates or plot specifics, but Lincoln and former TWD showrunner Scott Gimple are hard at work developing the concept. This likely represents Lincoln’s biggest commitment for the next couple years as an actor and producer.

Penguin Bloom Film

In early 2020, the drama Penguin Bloom debuted at film festivals around the world. Lincoln plays Cameron Bloom, husband to Naomi Watts’ character. The film follows Watts caring for an injured magpie bird that enters her family’s lives while also coping with a serious accident that left her paralyzed. Penguin Bloom earned strong reviews with Lincoln and Watts receiving high praise for their emotional performances.

What Else Has Andrew Lincoln Been Working On?

The Walking Dead Universe

Upon leaving TWD show in 2018, Lincoln immediately transitioned to working behind-the-scenes as a producer within the larger TWD television universe. He serves as an executive producer on the spinoff series The Walking Dead: World Beyond which debuted in late 2020 and focuses on younger survivors of the zombie apocalypse. Lincoln also directed an episode in World Beyond’s second season putting his creative talents to work behind the camera.

More Indie Films

In addition to bigger Hollywood films like Penguin Bloom, Lincoln’s filmography also expanded in recent years to include more independent movies. He had supporting roles in 2021’s drama Nine Days from director Edson Oda and Gundermann, centered on the late German folk singer Gerhard Gundermann. These smaller passion projects allow Lincoln to hone his acting skills in between blockbuster movies and shows.

Analyzing Andrew Lincoln’s Past Roles and Performances

Early Career in British Television

Long before becoming internationally famous thanks to The Walking Dead, Lincoln paid his acting dues on English television in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Some of his first prominent credits included British shows like Teachers and Afterlife. This early exposure helped prepare Lincoln for even greater success down the line once he transitioned to Hollywood.
Show Years Role
Teachers 2001-2004 Simon Casey
Afterlife 2005-2006 Robert Bridge

Leading Man in British Films

Lincoln landed main roles in several British comedy films in the early 2000s as well, showing off impressive range like in 2001’s Heartbreaker playing a potential love interest opposite Helena Bonham Carter. These early starring parts prepared him well when Hollywood came calling shortly after.

Breakout Role on The Walking Dead

There is no denying Lincoln’s career-defining role came playing Rick Grimes on AMC’s adaptation of the hit Image comic books The Walking Dead. As the series’ leading man and protagonist Rick, Lincoln carried the show with his moving performance across nine seasons from 2010 to 2018 alongside a star-studded cast. His portrayal earned universal acclaim and transformed the classically-trained British performer into a global television superstar practically overnight when TWD debuted.

What Does the Future Look Like for Andrew Lincoln?

Major Plans for The Walking Dead Rick Grimes Movies

Lincoln’s career in the next few years will be heavily intertwined with expanding The Walking Dead universe through multiple films focused on Rick Grimes in development. Plot details are still scarce, but these AMC movie events centered around fan-favorite Rick will likely be Lincoln’s main priority as both lead actor and producer in the short term. The movies represent his chance to reprise his career-defining role as Rick while also showing off his creative talents behind-the-scenes as well.

More Prominent Film Roles

Given Lincoln’s instant star power thanks to The Walking Dead’s massive popularity, we can expect to see him leverage that exposure into more frequent roles in major Hollywood movies going forward. Whether supporting parts in prestige drama films like Penguin Bloom or even potential big-budget blockbuster movies – Lincoln will likely pop up in movies more regularly after years committed to his AMC zombie show. He clearly enjoyed exercising different acting muscles in indie films lately as well between TWD projects.

Potential Shift to Directing

Now nearing 50 years old, Lincoln may also choose to continue honing his directing skills built up through helming The Walking Dead: World Beyond episodes as of late. While still likely to act regularly thanks to his obvious talent and passion for it, Lincoln could potentially shift to working more frequently behind the camera as he continues maturing in Hollywood. Future TWD movies and other projects would surely benefit from having someone as creative and detail-oriented as Lincoln directing.

No matter if he is acting, producing, directing or some combination – expect to see Andrew Lincoln very busy advancing The Walking Dead universe across both television and film along with pursuing his own creative passions in the years ahead.


From early British TV supporting parts to becoming the face of AMC’s The Walking Dead juggernaut, Andrew Lincoln has enjoyed an incredible acting career thus far. And even in his late 40s, Lincoln remains busier than ever driving The Walking Dead franchise into the future with multiple Rick Grimes-centric movies in active development that will consume much of energy and passions in the short term.

Between work producing and directing episodes of TWD spinoff World Beyond to starring in well-received drama films like Penguin Bloom, Lincoln also continues sharpening his creative talents in different mediums. While loyally committed to expanding The Walking Dead universe he helped build, Lincoln clearly still relishes roles that allow him to challenge himself as an actor as well even almost 15 years after first portraying Rick Grimes.

Thanks to his instantly recognizable face and name along with well-rounded creative skills both on and off-screen, expect Andrew Lincoln to remain very prominent across film and television for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions About Andrew Lincoln

What is Andrew Lincoln best known for?

Without question, Andrew Lincoln is most famous globally for his role as Rick Grimes on AMC’s hit post-apocalyptic zombie drama The Walking Dead. He played the lead character and show protagonist from 2010 to 2018 over 9 seasons.

Is Andrew Lincoln going to be in the Walking Dead movies?

Yes! AMC announced multiple feature-length Walking Dead movies focused on Andrew Lincoln’s character Rick Grimes following his departure from the main TV show in 2018. The films are still in active development with Lincoln serving as producer – though exact release dates remain unannounced.

Who will play Rick Grimes if Andrew Lincoln leaves TWD?

As of now, there seem to be no plans to recast Rick Grimes if Lincoln were to walk away. The character is considered iconic thanks specifically to Lincoln’s emotional performance over nearly a decade on the AMC series. The upcoming Rick Grimes movies would likely be canceled rather than risk a new actor.

What character did Andrew Lincoln play in Love Actually?

In the beloved 2003 holiday ensemble film Love Actually, Lincoln appears briefly as Mark – one of the friends of Keira Knightley’s character Juliet. Colin Firth ends up stealing Juliet away from Mark with an iconic love confession scene.

How did Andrew Lincoln leave The Walking Dead?

Spoiler warning for anyone not caught up on TWD plotlines!

At the end of TWD season 9 midseason finale, Rick Grimes is seemingly killed saving members of his community by blowing up a bridge to stop an advancing walker herd. But a time jump later reveals Rick survived and was evacuated by a mysterious helicopter group.

Is Andrew Lincoln married?

Yes, Andrew Lincoln has been happily married since 2006 to Gael Anderson – daughter of legendary rocker Ian Anderson, frontman for the band Jethro Tull. The couple lives together in England and have two children – a daughter born in 2006 and another daughter born in 2010 when TWD first premiered.

What is Andrew Lincoln’s natural hair color?

Believe it or not, though he has played grizzled sheriff’s deputy Rick Grimes with longer curly brown hair for years on TWD, Lincoln’s natural hair color is actually red! Few fans realize his real ginger hair has been dyed for The Walking Dead’s filming duration all these years.

How tall is Andrew Lincoln?

Andrew Lincoln’s height is an impressive 6 feet 4 inches (or 1.93 meters) lending to his rugged intimidating presence on screen as Rick Grimes wandering the brutal zombie apocalypse landscapes for nearly a decade.

What role has Andrew Lincoln been considered for besides The Walking Dead?

Over his prolific career Andrew Lincoln has been in consideration for several blockbuster roles. Most notably he was strongly considered for Superman before Henry Cavill landed Man of Steel and was rumored to be eyed as potential James Bond before Daniel Craig’s casting as 007.

Who plays Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead?

English actor Andrew Lincoln has portrayed former sheriff’s deputy Rick Grimes since the pilot episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead which premiered in late 2010. His emotional, gritty performance helped anchor the post-apocalyptic drama over 9 seasons and cemented Rick Grimes as one of television’s most iconic modern characters.

Will there be Rick Grimes Walking Dead movies?

Yes! AMC plans to produce multiple original feature films focused on Andrew Lincoln’s character Rick Grimes following his exit from The Walking Dead TV series in 2018. Lincoln is closely involved as both lead actor and producer. The movies are still early in development so potential release timeframes are not yet known.

What TV shows were Andrew Lincoln in before The Walking Dead?

Some of Lincoln’s early prominent TV credits before achieving global fame included roles on English shows Teachers (2001-2004), Afterlife (2005-2006) and Strike Back (2010). Of course now he is best known internationally playing small town Georgia sheriff’s deputy Rick Grimes for 9 seasons on The Walking Dead starting in 2010.

What actor was supposed to play Rick Grimes before Andrew Lincoln?

Prior to Andrew Lincoln’s ultimate Season 1 casting, Thomas Jane (The Punisher films, Hung TV series) was offered the central role of Rick Grimes but passed – a decision he later publicly regretted given TWD’s massive subsequent success. No other actors were seriously in the mix besides Lincoln.

What character was Andrew Lincoln originally supposed to play on The Walking Dead?

Early on in the casting process, Lincoln was originally asked to audition for the roles of both Shane and Merle on The Walking Dead. Of course series creator Frank Darabont rightly recognized his leading man talents and urged Lincoln to instead read for protagonist Rick Grimes – a decision that forever changed Lincoln’s career and the trajectory of the megahit AMC show.

Is Andrew Lincoln going to be the next James Bond?

Rumblings suggested Lincoln could potentially be in consideration to succeed Daniel Craig as the new James Bond following Craig’s farewell in No Time To Die. But so far there has been no confirmation that Lincoln is legitimately in the running for the iconic 007 role as producers search for the perfect new Bond actor.

How much did Andrew Lincoln make per episode on The Walking Dead?

According to multiple reports, Lincoln was earning around $650,000 per episode by the end of his 9 season run playing lead character Rick Grimes on AMC’s The Walking Dead – making him one of the highest paid actors on television for years.

How much will Andrew Lincoln make from The Walking Dead Rick Grimes movies?

Exact salaries for Lincoln’s upcoming return in TWD spinoff movies are unclear but likely even more lucrative given his producer role and the film formats. Early estimates suggest Lincoln could earn $20 million total or more just from the Rick Grimes movie trilogy deal.

Has Andrew Lincoln won any awards?

For his career-defining role on The Walking Dead as Rick Grimes, Lincoln won Saturn Awards for Best Actor on Television from the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films in 2015, 2017, 2018 and 2021 – capping his long, acclaimed run on the AMC series.

Is Andrew Lincoln on social media? Where can fans contact him?

Never very public-facing his whole career, Lincoln himself does not actively use social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram. But fans can interact with his verified accounts on those sites run by his representatives. Lincoln focuses his time connecting with devoted TWD fans at conventions/events worldwide instead.

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