What is Burcu Biricik Doing Now?

Burcu Biricik is an acclaimed Turkish actress known for various roles in TV series and films spanning multiple genres. She was born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1989.

Biricik got her start performing in theatrical plays and studied journalism in university before professional acting took off. She landed her first on-screen part in the 2010 comedy movie “Eyvah 2”.

Her breakout role came shortly after in 2011 as the lead character Ipek in popular drama “Ipek’s Story”. Biricik portrayed the titular Ipek across 325 episodes until 2014, earning widespread praise for her emotional performance and launching her fame.

Recent Projects

In the years since “Ipek’s Story” concluded, Biricik has thrived with various prominent acting roles. Some of her most acclaimed series have included crime dramas like “Şahsiyet” (2018), “Masumlar Apartmanı” (2020) and psychological thriller “Camdaki Kız” (2021).

She often gravitates towards playing mysterious, complex figures. As Biricik continues taking on more daring parts spanning settings and genres, fans appreciate her impressive range.

Most recently, Biricik starred in the 2022 romantic series “Alparslan: Büyük Selçuklu” based in medieval Turkey. Her role showcased skills in horseback riding too!

Upcoming 2023 Projects

This year will see Biricik return to big screens by appearing in two highly anticipated films.

First she joins Salih Güney’s crime movie “Tuzdan Kaide” premiering in April 2023. Biricik will star alongside acclaimed actor Haluk Bilginer.

Additionally, Biricik plays the lead in Turkish director Semih Kaplanoğlu’s latest art-house feature “Aydaki Kadin” co-starring Tuba Büyüküstün. Filming finishes in 2023 ahead of its theatrical release.

So with these major movie roles on the way, Biricik’s reliable star-power shines brighter as ever!

Personal Life

Away from the cameras and studios, Biricik cherishes quieter times with loved ones. She married producer Can Gürtuna in 2018 following several years dating.

The couple expanded their family in October 2022 by welcoming their first baby. Biricik announced her pregnancy last spring and now is embracing life as a first-time mom.

Despite her bustling acting agenda, she takes motherhood and maintaining work-life balance seriously. Biricik often emphasizes the importance of surrounding yourself with supportive, caring partners in all aspects of life.

Philanthropy and Activism

On top of acting accolades, Biricik earns equal praise for efforts supporting various social causes close to her. She works closely furthering initiatives related to children’s welfare, women’s equity movements and providing educational access.

Biricik also uses her media presence to champion body positivity and self-love at all ages. She partnered with prominent publications for features focused on these topics.

Thanks to unrelenting dedication towards performing and human rights activism, Biricik inspires as a force on-screen and beyond.


To recap – renowned star Burcu Biricik begins 2023 busier than ever before. She balances filming major movies roles with embracing first-time motherhood and continuing charity pursuits.

After over a decade captivating television audiences in dozens of acclaimed projects, Biricik only broadens her reach now through cinema spots and activism work too. No matter the medium, her poise and talent never cease entertaining and inspiring fans worldwide!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What was Burcu Biricik’s first acting role?

Biricik’s debut on-screen role came in 2010 comedy film “Eyvah 2” directed by Hakan Algül. She played a minor character, but the experience marked her transition into professional acting.

What Turkish TV series made Burcu Biricik famous?

Biricik’s breakthrough lead role came starring as titular character Ipek in long-running series “Ipek’s Story” from 2011-2014. Her emotional performance earned widespread praise and significantly boosted her fame.

Is Burcu Biricik married?

Yes, Biricik has been married to film producer Can Gürtuna since 2018 after several years dating. Last autumn they welcomed their first baby together, though the name and gender were not publicly announced.

How can I contact Burcu Biricik?

Since Biricik herself does not provide contact info, messages for her regarding interview requests, professional inquiries or guest appearances must go through her talent agency PMC.

What charity organizations does Burcu Biricik support?

Some causes important to Biricik include children’s wellbeing foundations, women’s equity movements focused on legal protections and education access, plus body positive initiatives combating unrealistic beauty standards.

How many Instagram followers does Burcu Biricik have?

As of early 2023, acclaimed Turkish dramatic actress Burcu Biricik has over 1.6 million Instagram followers. She often shares aesthetic behind-the-scenes photos from projects.

What is Burcu Biricik’s latest film projects?

Biricik will star in two upcoming 2023 movies – lead roles in director Semih Kaplanoğlu’s “Aydaki Kadin” and alongside Haluk Bilginer in crime feature “Tuzdan Kaide” premiering this April.

What was the name of Burcu Biricik’s character in Masumlar Apartmanı?

In the hit 2020 psychological series “Masumlar Apartmanı”, Biricik played the complex role of Deren Kutlu, a cunning businesswoman entangled with the show’s central family.

Where was Burcu Biricik born?

Acclaimed actress Burcu Biricik was born on October 9, 1989, in Istanbul, Turkey, where she still resides today. She was raised in Istanbul by her middle-class family.

What languages does Burcu Biricik speak?

As a native Turkish actress, Biricik’s foremost language is Turkish. She has not publicly noted full fluency in any other languages, though likely knows some basic English vocabulary.

What awards has Burcu Biricik won?

For her compelling acting over the years, Biricik has won honors like 2017 Social Media Awards’ Best Actress prize plus Istanbul Film Festival’s 2018 Best Actress trophy for her role in drama “Rauf”.

Does Burcu Biricik sing too or just act?

Throughout her career, Burcu Biricik has focused solely on acting across television and film media. She does not have any professional music recording or vocal performance credits.

How tall is Burcu Biricik?

According to online sources, Burcu Biricik’s height measures around 5 foot 5 inches tall (165 cm). Her slender frame suits the various character types she has successfully depicted on screens.

Where can I watch Burcu Biricik series and movies?

Many Biricik projects like “Ipek’s Story,” “Masumlar Apartmanı,” and “Şahsiyet” can stream on Netflix. Other series are viewable on Turkish channels Kanal D Drama, Show TV, Fox, and BluTV depending on regions.

What Turkish movies have I seen Burcu Biricik in before?

Some Turkish films you may recognize Biricik from include dramas “Rauf” (2018) and “Kardeşimi Unutma” (2021). She also appeared briefly in 2010 comedy “Eyvah 2” marking her on-screen debut.

Does Burcu Biricik prefer acting in TV shows or movies more?

In interviews, Biricik has expressed passion for her extensive television work but shared excitement now too getting involved in more Turkish film projects both independent and mainstream in recent years and going forward.

What Burcu Biricik character was most challenging to play?

Potentially Biricik’s most demanding role came in 2021 psychological thriller series “Camdaki Kız” where she portrayed the extremely complex, unsettling character of Inci – disconnected from reality and battling dissociative identity disorder.

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