What is Claire Foy Doing Now?

Claire Foy is an English actress who rose to fame portraying Queen Elizabeth II on Netflix’s acclaimed series The Crown. Since her breakout on that show from 2016-2018, fans are curious what Foy has been working on more recently and what her next projects may be. This article will provide an overview of Claire Foy’s current career status and highlights of her recent roles.

Claire Foy’s Background

Claire Foy was born in Stockport, England on April 16, 1984. She developed an interest in acting as a child and went on to study drama at the Oxford School of Drama. Her early TV credits included roles in shows like Little Dorrit, Being Human, and Wolf Hall.

Her career changed dramatically when she was cast as Queen Elizabeth on The Crown, which premiered on Netflix in 2016. Furthermore, her performance earned her critical acclaim, two Emmy Awards, and international recognition.

Key Career Highlights:

  • Born April 16, 1984, in Stockport, England
  • Studied at Oxford School of Drama
  • Early roles in British TV series like Little Dorrit
  • Global breakout starring role in The Crown (2016-2018)
  • Won two Emmy Awards for playing Queen Elizabeth II

What is Claire Foy Doing Now in 2023?

Since her star-making turn on The Crown concluded in 2018, Claire Foy has continued acting in a mix of prominent film and television projects. Some highlights of her recent credits:

Select Film Work

  • First Man (2018) – Played Janet Armstrong opposite Ryan Gosling
  • The Girl in the Spider’s Web (2018) – Starring role as Lisbeth Salander
  • Women Talking (2022) – Part of all-star female ensemble

Television Projects

  • Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G. (2018) – Lead role portraying detective
  • My Mum Tracy Beaker (2022) – Appeared on 2 episodes of CBBC series
  • Marlow (2023) – Upcoming series centered on Neil Gaiman characters

A Look at Claire Foy’s Upcoming Roles

Claire Foy has several high-profile film and TV projects already lined up on her schedule through 2023 and beyond:

  • Washington Black – Foy will star in this upcoming film adaption of the novel by ESI Edugyan. She plays the wife of a plantation owner who mentors an escaped slave. Set for release in late 2023.
  • Marlow – This Neil Gaiman series centered on fantasy characters will premiere on Netflix likely in late 2023. Details are scarce, but Foy is confirmed as part of the cast.
  • Norylska Groza – Foy is attached to this sci-fi thriller film about a spaceship returning to Earth with mysterious intentions. Production begins in 2023.
  • The Pale Horse – She will appear alongside fellow Crown star Matt Smith in this upcoming Amazon Prime adaptation of the Agatha Christie novel.

Analyzing Claire Foy’s Acting Style and Strengths

Throughout her career so far, Claire Foy has demonstrated a very versatile acting range along with poise beyond her years. Here is an analysis of her skills and strengths:

Key Attributes

  • Excellent subtlety and nuanced expressions
  • Ability to convey wisdom and maturity despite youth
  • Dynamic vocal skills, including accents and mimicry
  • Captivates viewers’ attention with quiet intensity


  • Believable in both contemporary and period piece roles
  • Adept at portraying both regal authority and vulnerability
  • Shines as protagonists and support characters equally


  • Fully embodies characters through extensive research
  • Meticulously analyzes scripts and backstories
  • Known for being exceptionally well-prepared on set

How Active is Claire Foy on Social Media?

Compared to many celebrities today, Claire Foy maintains only a minor presence on social media. She operates one public Instagram account but seldom posts. Some key facts:

  • Launched Instagram account in 2015 around The Crown premiere
  • Currently, has 357k followers but only 20 posts total
  • Averages just 2–3 posts per year, mainly professional photos
  • Does not have public Twitter, Facebook or other social accounts
  • Clearly chooses to minimize time spent on social media

While she created an account to promote The Crown, social media engagement remains a very low priority for the private Foy.

Claire Foy’s Personal Life

Outside of acting, Claire Foy tends to keep her personal life very low-key. She makes very few public statements about her private affairs. Here are a few tidbits that are known:

  • Had daughter in 2015 with ex-husband Stephen Campbell Moore
  • Remarried in 2018 to producer Jason Flemyng
  • Split time between London and countryside when not working
  • Enjoys camping, hiking, cooking in her downtime
  • Stays mum regarding any past relationships or current details

Like many British actors, Foy works hard to maintain the boundary between public and private life. She prefers keeping the focus on her characters and performances.

What is Claire Foy’s Net Worth?

While her exact net worth is not publicly confirmed, it is estimated that Claire Foy has amassed a personal net worth in the neighborhood of $6 million. The majority stems from:

  • Earned approximate salary of $40k per episode for early Crown seasons
  • Likely earned over $100k per episode in later Crown seasons
  • Commanded $1-2 million for major film roles
  • Additional income from endorsement deals and investments

Foy’s earning power has grown substantially along with her fame in recent years, continuing to increase her wealth.


In summary, Claire Foy remains in high demand following her breakout performance as Queen Elizabeth on The Crown. She continues prioritizing compelling, complex film and TV roles that showcase her versatility. Foy maintains a very low-key presence on social media and guards her privacy off-screen. With upcoming lead roles in major projects like Marlow and Washington Black, her star should remain very bright for years to come. Foy has proven she is much more than just The Crown, and still has her most impressive work likely ahead of her.

Frequently Asked Questions about Claire Foy

What is Claire Foy best known for?

Claire Foy is undoubtedly best known for her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II on the first two seasons of the acclaimed Netflix series The Crown. This was her major global breakthrough role.

How old is Claire Foy?

Claire Foy was born on April 16, 1984. As of 2023, the English actress is 38 years old and working actively with a full slate of upcoming projects.

Where was Claire Foy born?

Claire Foy was born in Stockport, England and was primarily raised in Manchester, England. She began studying drama not far from there at the Liverpool John Moores University.

What was Claire Foy’s first acting role?

Foy’s very first on-screen credit was a minor role in the 2008 British TV movie Flashbacks of a Fool starring Daniel Craig. Her first major TV role came in the 2008 miniseries Little Dorrit.

Has Claire Foy won any major awards?

Yes, for her acclaimed performance in The Crown, Foy won two Emmy Awards for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series, in 2017 and 2018. She also won a Golden Globe for the role in 2017.

Is Claire Foy married?

Yes, Claire Foy married producer Jason Flemyng in 2018. This was after divorcing her first husband Stephen Campbell Moore in 2018 after 4 years of marriage.

Does Claire Foy have children?

Yes, Foy has one daughter born in 2015 from her first marriage to Stephen Campbell Moore. She keeps her daughter out of the public eye.

What was Claire Foy’s breakthrough role?

Without a doubt, Foy’s career-defining breakthrough was being cast as Queen Elizabeth II on the Netflix original series The Crown starting in 2016.

Has Claire Foy ever been in a movie?

Yes, Foy has appeared in several films such as Season of the Witch, Vampire Academy, First Man, The Girl in the Spider’s Web, and most recently Women Talking.

What upcoming projects does Claire Foy have?

Foy will soon be seen in the films Washington Black and The Pale Horse. She is also starring in the upcoming Neil Gaiman series Marlow set to premiere on Netflix.

What is Claire Foy’s net worth?

It is estimated Claire Foy has amassed a net worth of around $6 million, largely thanks to her success starring on The Crown as well as lucrative film roles.

Is Claire Foy on social media?

Foy does have an Instagram account but rarely posts and does not have Twitter, Facebook or other public social media. She likes to keep a low profile online.

Where does Claire Foy live?

When not working on productions, Foy splits her time between residences in London, England and the English countryside.

How would you describe Claire Foy’s acting abilities?

Claire Foy is praised for her subtle emotional range, maturity beyond her years, accent versatility, and ability to capture an audience’s attention quietly.

Has Claire Foy won awards for any other roles besides The Crown?

While The Crown has earned Foy the most acclaim, she also won a British Independent Film Award for her performance in the 2011 film Wreckers.

What was Claire Foy’s role on The Crown?

Foy played Queen Elizabeth II for the first two seasons of The Crown on Netflix, covering Elizabeth’s early years on the throne from 1947-1964.

What is the age difference between Claire Foy and the real Queen Elizabeth?

When she began playing Elizabeth on The Crown in 2016, Claire Foy was 32 while Queen Elizabeth was already 90 years old, making for a 58-year age gap.

What role does Claire Foy play in the film Women Talking?

In the 2022 critically acclaimed film Women Talking, Claire Foy plays the supporting role of Salome, one of the women in an isolated religious colony.

How selective is Claire Foy when choosing roles?

By all accounts, Claire Foy is extremely selective, often waiting 1–2 years between projects until she finds a character that she feels passionate about taking on.

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