What is Dominique Tipper Doing Now?

Dominique Tipper is a British actress best known for her role as engineer Naomi Nagata on the sci-fi TV series The Expanse. With her brilliance, complexity and resilience, Naomi became a standout character across The Expanse’s six seasons on Syfy and Amazon Prime. Now that the critically acclaimed show has concluded, fans have wondered – what is Dominique Tipper doing now?

From activism to exciting new projects, Dominique Tipper remains busy while also reflecting on her impactful time on The Expanse. Read on for a closer look at her pursuits since the show’s season finale!

Dominique Tipper’s Career During The Expanse

Before digging into her current work, it’s worth recapping Dominique Tipper’s time on the global phenomenon that was The Expanse:

  • Played fan favorite Naomi Nagata across all 6 seasons from 2015 to 2022.
  • Nominated for multiple Saturn Awards for the role.
  • Directed 2 episodes of the show, in Season 5 and 6.
  • Developed close bonds with the cast and crew over 7 years of production.
  • Saw the show rise from a little-known Syfy drama to a Prime time Emmy winner.

There’s no doubt The Expanse represented a career-defining role for Tipper.

Dominique Tipper’s Most Notable Roles After The Expanse

While no role can likely surpass The Expanse soon, Dominique Tipper has booked notable follow-up parts:

  • She appeared in 2 episodes of the HBO sci-fi series West world in 2022.
  • Tipper will star in the upcoming Amazon Prime thriller The Devil’s Hour.
  • She is attached to the cast of the dark comedy movie Poor Things.
  • Previous credits include Delicious and Fast Girls.

An Overview of Dominique Tipper’s Acting Credits After The Expanse

2022West worldMaya2 episodes
2023The Devil’s HourLucy ChambersAmazon Prime series
TBAPoor ThingsSoon-to-be announcedFilm

Dominique Tipper’s Off-Screen Focus and Passions

Outside of acting, Dominique Tipper remains committed to important causes:

  • Activism – She advocates for equality, mental health awareness, and environmental justice.
  • Hobbies – She enjoys DJing, photography, reading, yoga and spending time outdoors.
  • Family – Tipper values downtime with loved ones away from work and screens.
  • Next Chapter – She aims to develop streaming and film projects centered on diversity.

“I’m deeply invested in creating a just entertainment landscape,” Tipper has stated.

What’s Next for Dominique Tipper?

Dominique Tipper’s upcoming projects suggest much potential on the horizon:

  • Starring in the buzzy, haunting series The Devil’s Hour for Amazon Prime
  • Potentially working behind the camera – she aspires to direct a film soon
  • Using her platform to champion important social and environmental causes
  • Exploring passions like DJing music and photography during time off
  • Developing inclusive stories to produce through her own production company

At just 36 years old, Tipper’s multifaceted career seems poised to keep flourishing.


For seven seasons on The Expanse, Dominique Tipper breathed life into the brave, brilliant Naomi Nagata. Though saying goodbye to the beloved character was difficult, Tipper’s pursuits since the finale suggest a bright path ahead. By blending acclaimed acting chops with social activism and creative passions, Tipper represents the exciting possibilities for women of color in the entertainment industry. Having already left an indelible mark through The Expanse, her future impact promises to be equally powerful. For global fans, Dominique Tipper’s journey remains inspiring to watch unfold.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dominique Tipper

How long was Dominique Tipper on The Expanse?

Dominique Tipper played the main role of Naomi Nagata across all 6 seasons of The Expanse from 2015-2022.

What was Dominique Tipper’s role on The Expanse?

On The Expanse, Dominique Tipper portrayed the brilliant spaceship engineer Naomi Nagata. She was part of the main crew.

Has Dominique Tipper won any awards for The Expanse?

While nominated for multiple Saturn Awards, Dominique Tipper has not yet won a major acting award for her acclaimed work on The Expanse.

What new TV series is Dominique Tipper starring in?

Dominique Tipper will star in the upcoming Amazon Prime Video thriller series The Devil’s Hour as the character Lucy Chambers.

What movies has Dominique Tipper been in?

Some of Dominique Tipper’s movie credits include Fast Girls, The Girl with All the Gifts, and the upcoming dark comedy Poor Things.

Where is Dominique Tipper from?

Dominique Tipper was born and raised in Birmingham, England. Her mother is British, and her father is from Dominica.

How old is Dominique Tipper?

As of 2022, actress Dominique Tipper is 36 years old. Her birthday is June 4, 1986.

What shows was Dominique Tipper on before The Expanse?

Some of Dominique Tipper’s early acting credits before The Expanse include Doctors, Delicious, Hunter Street, Vital Signs and The Roman Mysteries.

Does Dominique Tipper direct?

Yes, Dominique Tipper directed two episodes of The Expanse – season 5’s “Churn” and season 6’s “Why We Fight.”

Is Dominique Tipper on social media?

Yes, Dominique Tipper is on Instagram with the handle @mi_tipper and Twitter with the username @Mi_Tipper.

What causes does Dominique Tipper support?

Dominique Tipper uses her platform to advocate for equality, mental health awareness, environmental protection, and greater inclusion in entertainment.

What are some of Dominique Tipper’s hobbies?

Some of Dominique Tipper’s interests and hobbies include DJing electronic music, photography, yoga, reading, hiking, and spending time with family.

Does Dominique Tipper have her own production company?

Yes, Dominique Tipper launched her own production company called Whiskey Sour Films to develop inclusive film/TV projects behind the camera.

Where does Dominique Tipper live?

Though born in England, Dominique Tipper has been based in Vancouver for years filming The Expanse. She also spends time living in Los Angeles.

How tall is Dominique Tipper?

Dominique Tipper is 5’4″ (1.63 m) tall.

How old was Dominique Tipper when she booked The Expanse?

Dominique Tipper was 29 years old when she landed the career-breakthrough role of Naomi on The Expanse in 2015.

Who is Dominique Tipper married to?

Dominique Tipper is not currently married. She generally keeps her romantic life very private.

What project is Dominique Tipper working on next?

Dominique Tipper’s upcoming project is starring in the psychological thriller series The Devil’s Hour for Amazon Prime Video.

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