What is Eliza Taylor Doing Now?

Eliza Taylor is an Australian actress best known for playing lead roles in the teen drama series The 100 and mystery show Pretty Little Liars. As Clarke Griffin on The 100 and Jana Hawkes in Pretty Little Liars, Taylor portrayed complex heroines that resonated with fans. Now that The 100 has ended its 7 season run and Pretty Little Liars wrapped years ago, some have wondered—what is Eliza Taylor doing now?

From starting a family to new projects, Eliza Taylor has experienced major life changes since her days as a teen drama star. Read on for a closer look at her pursuits since exiting these two hit shows!

Eliza Taylor’s Career During The 100

Let’s begin with a recap of Eliza Taylor’s time on the dystopian sci-fi drama that made her famous:

  • Starred as lead character Clarke Griffin in all 7 seasons from 2014-2020.
  • Developed Clarke from a teen into an iconic leader.
  • Formed close bonds with cast mates over nearly a decade on The 100.
  • Directed one episode of the show herself in season 7.
  • Saw the show grow from a smaller CW series into a global phenomenon.

There’s no doubt The 100 was the role of a lifetime for Taylor.

Eliza Taylor’s Most Notable Roles After The 100

Since The 100 finale aired, Eliza Taylor has chosen acting projects sparingly:

  • She voiced the character of Liara T’Soni in the video game Mass Effect 3 in 2020.
  • Taylor appeared in the 2021 thriller film The Premise.
  • She starred in the 2022 indie drama Here After as a mother who loses her son.
  • Upcoming projects include lending her voice to the animated Harley Quinn series.

An Overview of Eliza Taylor’s Acting Credits After The 100

2020Mass Effect 3Liara T’SoniVideo game voice
2021The PremiseLilyEpisode role
2022Here AfterKateLead film role
2023Harley QuinnTBA VoiceAnimated series

Eliza Taylor’s Personal Life and Interests

Outside of acting, Eliza Taylor’s focus has shifted to her personal life:

  • She married The 100 co-star Bob Morley in 2019 and took time away from work.
  • Taylor has been open about embracing mental health, healing and growth.
  • She co-founded the organization identify:for change, focused on creating positive online communities.
  • Taylor cultivates her creativity through painting, photography, writing and design.
  • She remains close with The 100 cast mates as chosen family.

“My priorities have evolved a lot in recent years,” Taylor has said.

What’s Next for Eliza Taylor?

While Eliza Taylor is selective with acting nowadays, fans are still curious what the future may hold:

  • Potentially voicing more roles in video games and animation
  • Making occasional guest appearances on buzzy TV shows
  • Continuing advocating for mental health awareness and change
  • Nurturing her creativity through artistic outlets
  • Renewing her passion for acting by producing compelling stories

At just 33 years old, Taylor seems focused on following her purpose over fame.


Eliza Taylor’s portrayal of Clarke Griffin on The 100 cemented her place as a talented actress who brought depth to a heroic lead role. Though she said farewell to the character that defined her early career, Taylor’s recent choices suggest she is following her own path. By choosing purposeful work, embracing wellness, and using her platform for change, Taylor is writing a new chapter focused on making a difference. For her loyal fans, her journey remains inspiring to witness. Wherever it leads, Eliza Taylor’s future shines bright with possibility.

Frequently Asked Questions about Eliza Taylor

What was Eliza Taylor’s breakthrough TV role?

Eliza Taylor’s breakthrough role came playing Janae Hawkes on the Australian teen drama series Neighbors from 2005-2008.

How long was Eliza Taylor on The 100 for?

Eliza Taylor starred as the lead character, Clarke Griffin, for all 7 seasons of The 100 from 2014-2020.

Why did Eliza Taylor leave Pretty Little Liars?

Eliza Taylor left Pretty Little Liars during season 2 in 2011 because of scheduling conflicts with joining The 100 as the lead.

Who did Eliza Taylor marry in 2019?

In 2019, Eliza Taylor married her The 100 co-star Bob Morley, who played Bellamy Blake on the show.

What video game did Eliza Taylor voice a character in?

In 2020, Eliza Taylor voiced the character of Liara T’Soni in the sci-fi video game Mass Effect 3.

How many episodes of The 100 did Eliza Taylor direct?

Eliza Taylor directed 1 episode of The 100 during the show’s seventh and final season, titled “The Blood of Sanctum.”

Where is Eliza Taylor from?

Eliza Taylor is from Melbourne, Australia, where she was born in 1989. She began acting professionally as a teenager.

What organization did Eliza Taylor co-found?

Along with Bob Morley, Eliza Taylor co-founded the organization identify:for change, which promotes acceptance and healing.

How old was Eliza Taylor when she booked The 100?

Eliza Taylor was 24 years old when she was cast as Clarke Griffin on The 100 in 2013.

How tall is Eliza Taylor?

Eliza Taylor is 5’5″ (1.65m) tall.

Is Eliza Taylor on social media?

Yes, Eliza Taylor is on Twitter and Instagram under the username @misselizataylor where she has over 1 million followers.

What creative hobbies does Eliza Taylor have?

Some of Eliza Taylor’s creative hobbies include painting, photography, writing, and fashion design.

What upcoming TV shows will Eliza Taylor be in?

As of late 2022, Eliza Taylor does not have any upcoming television shows announced following her time on The 100.

Will Eliza Taylor be in The 100 prequel?

As of now, there are no reports indicating Eliza Taylor will reprise her Clarke role in the planned The 100 prequel series currently in development.

What is Eliza Taylor’s next movie or show?

Eliza Taylor’s upcoming project is voicing an animated character in the Harley Quinn series for HBO Max sometime in 2023.

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