What is Emeraude Toubia doing now?

Emeraude Toubia is an American actress and model, best known for her breakout role as Isabelle Light wood in the Free form fantasy series Shadowhunters. Since Shadowhunters ended in 2019, fans have been curious what Toubia has been up to. Here’s an overview of what Emeraude Toubia is doing now in 2023.

Toubia’s Acting Projects

After Shadowhunters, Toubia has continued acting in various television and movie projects:


In 2019, Toubia joined the cast of Grown-ish, the Free form spinoff series of Black-ish, for its second season. She played Jazlyn, an ambitious conservative student at the fictional Cal U. Toubia appeared in 7 episodes of the show’s second season before her character was written off.

With Love

In 2021, Toubia co-starred in the romantic comedy series With Love on Amazon Prime Video. She played Lily Diaz, one of the two Diaz siblings whose love lives are explored over the course of the show’s first season.

Miracle Workers

Toubia will appear in the fourth season of the TBS anthology comedy series Miracle Workers. She is set to play Esther in the upcoming season titled Miracle Workers: End Times.


In addition to her ongoing TV roles, Toubia has appeared in a few movies in recent years:

  • Echo Boomers (2020) – She played Lara
  • Words on Bathroom Walls (2020) – She played Rebecca
  • Tom and Jerry (2021) – Voice role

Upcoming Projects

Some of Toubia’s upcoming acting projects include:

  • With Love season 2 – The Amazon Prime series was renewed for a second season, with Toubia expected to reprise her role as Lily Diaz.
  • The Ultimate Playlist of Noise (TBA) – Toubia is attached to this indie drama film, though it does not have a release date yet.

Modeling Work

In addition to acting, Emeraude Toubia continues to work as a model:

  • Covergirl – Toubia is a brand ambassador for Covergirl makeup, often appearing in ads and campaigns.
  • Brand Partnerships – She has partnered with brands like Carol’s Daughter, Dark & Lovely, and Budget Fashionista on sponsored content and brand promotions.
  • Runway – Toubia has walked the runway for designers like Sherri Hill and Rachel Antonoff.
  • Print/Editorial – She has been featured in editorials and ads for magazines like Cosmopolitan, Bello, and Women’s Health.

Some of her recent major modeling gigs include walking in New York Fashion Week in September 2022 and being featured on the cover of Glam Belleza Latina in 2021.

Social Media and YouTube

With over 2 million Instagram followers and over 200K YouTube subscribers, Toubia has built up a substantial social media fan base.

  • Instagram – Toubia is very active on Instagram, frequently posting glam photos from shoots as well as snippets of her personal life.
  • YouTube – She launched a YouTube channel in 2020, where she posts vlogs, beauty tutorials, cooking videos, and more lifestyle content.
  • TikTok – She shares both silly and stylish videos on her TikTok account, which has over 800K followers.
  • Twitter – While less active on Twitter, Toubia sometimes engages with fans on the platform.

Through social media, Toubia has maintained and strengthened her fan base since her Shadowhunters days. Her YouTube channel especially has allowed her to showcase more of her personality.

Philanthropy and Activism

Toubia uses her platform to support various causes and non-profits.

  • She works with the Make-A-Wish Foundation to help grant wishes for children with critical illnesses.
  • She has partnered with PADRES Contra El Cancer to improve the lives of children with cancer.
  • In September 2022, she helped raise awareness for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.
  • She supports organizations helping Ukrainian refugees.

On social media, Toubia promotes body positivity and self-love. She openly discusses embracing her curves and overcoming body image issues.

What’s Next for Emeraude Toubia?

While she has a number of projects lined up, fans can expect even more from Emeraude Toubia in the future. She has expressed interest in pursuing more complex, dramatic roles. She also has an interest in directing and producing.

As her career continues to thrive, there are no signs Toubia plans on slowing down anytime soon. At only 33 years old, fans can look forward to seeing her talent shine in many more acting, modeling, and activism projects in the years to come.


In the four years since Shadowhunters ended, Emeraude Toubia has continued her thriving acting and modeling career. She has leveraged her fame into prominent television roles, modeling gigs, brand partnerships, and an engaged social media presence. Toubia has also used her platform for activism, supporting various causes. At only 33, Toubia’s versatile talent and drive ensure she’ll remain one to watch for years to come. Her fans eagerly anticipate what she’ll take on next!

Frequently Asked Questions About Emeraude Toubia

What ethnicity is Emeraude Toubia?

Emeraude Toubia’s ethnicity is Latin American. She has Lebanese, Mexican, and Spanish ancestry.

What was Emeraude Toubia’s big break?

Emeraude Toubia’s big break was being cast as Isabelle Light wood on the Free form series Shadowhunters. The role launched her into mainstream popularity.

Is Emeraude Toubia married?

No, as of November 2023, Emeraude Toubia is not married. She previously dated Shadowhunters co-star Luke Baines, but they broke up in 2018.

Does Emeraude Toubia speak Spanish?

Yes, Emeraude Toubia speaks fluent Spanish as well as English. She was born in Canada but grew up in Brownsville, Texas near the Mexican border and learned Spanish as her first language.

What is Emeraude Toubia’s height?

Emeraude Toubia is 5 feet 1 inch tall. Her petite height is only one of the attributes that sets her apart as a model and actress.

What is Emeraude Toubia’s most popular acting roles?

Emeraude Toubia’s most popular acting roles have been as Isabelle Light wood on Shadowhunters and Lily Diaz on With Love. She has also appeared on Grown-ish, Echo Boomers, and Miracle Workers.

What films has Emeraude Toubia been in?

Some of the films Emeraude Toubia has appeared in are Tom and Jerry, Words on Bathroom Walls, Echo Boomers, and the upcoming The Ultimate Playlist of Noise.

What TV shows has Emeraude Toubia starred in?

Emeraude Toubia has starred in the TV shows Shadowhunters, With Love, Grown-ish, and the upcoming season of Miracle Workers. She has also made guest appearances on shows like Vol tron: Legendary Defender.

How many Instagram followers does Emeraude Toubia have?

As of November 2023, Emeraude Toubia has around 2.2 million followers on Instagram. She is very active on the platform.

Does Emeraude Toubia have a TikTok account?

Yes, Emeraude Toubia has a popular TikTok account under the username @emeraudetoubia. She has over 800,000 followers and posts fun videos showcasing her personality.

Where is Emeraude Toubia from?

Emeraude Toubia was born in Canada but grew up in Brownsville, Texas after moving there at age 2. She has said Brownsville played a major role in shaping who she is.

What are Emeraude Toubia’s hobbies and interests?

Outside of acting, Emeraude Toubia enjoys cooking, baking, Pilates, reading, and snorkeling. She has posted YouTube videos showcasing some of these hobbies.

What causes and organizations does Emeraude Toubia support?

Some of the causes Emeraude Toubia actively supports are the Make-A-Wish Foundation, PADRES Contra El Cancer, Childhood Cancer Awareness, and organizations helping Ukrainian refugees.

Who are Emeraude Toubia’s acting inspirations?

Emeraude Toubia has cited actresses like Helen Mirren, Meryl Streep, Victoria Justice, Salma Hayek, and Jennifer Lopez as some of her acting inspirations.

What’s next for Emeraude Toubia in 2023?

Coming up for Emeraude Toubia in 2023 is the second season of With Love on Amazon Prime and a role in season 4 of Miracle Workers on TBS. Fans can expect more exciting projects from the talented actress and model!

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