What is Farah Zeynep Abdullah Doing Now?

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Farah Zeynep Abdullah is a popular Turkish actress and model who rose to fame in the early 2010s for roles in hit shows like Küçük Sırlar. After taking a break to focus on her personal life in recent years, many fans wonder — what is Farah Zeynep Abdullah doing now in 2023?

Her Rapid Rise to Fame in TV Dramas

Farah’s acting career took off swiftly starting in 2010 when she landed her first major role playing Aliye in the romantic drama Küçük Sırlar. Her emotional performance earned positive reviews from critics.

Over the next several years, Farah starred in numerous successful Turkish television series like Kuzey Güney, Kaçak Gelinler, and Aşk Laftan Anlamaz. Her public profile skyrocketed by early 2013 as she became a household name across Turkey.

Some of Farah Zeynep Abdullah’s Most Notable Acting Roles

TV ShowRoleYear
Küçük SırlarAliye2010-2011
Kuzey GüneyCemre2011-2013
Kaçak GelinlerMine2013
Aşk Laftan AnlamazAda2016-2017

However, after almost a decade in the spotlight, Farah decided to take an extended break from acting following the series finale of Aşk Laftan Anlamaz in 2017. She turned her focus to travel and quality time with loved ones instead. So what’s her life been like lately?

Travels, Family Time & New Business Pursuits

While acting took a backseat after 2017, Farah certainly hasn’t slowed down! She’s been actively traveling the world, spending time with family, and also launched a baked goods company more recently.

Global Travels

Farah appears to have caught the travel bug over the last few years. Her Instagram feed is filled with envy-inducing vacation photos everywhere from Kenya on safari to beach resorts in Tulum, Mexico. Reports indicate she joined a luxury Travel Club opening up exotic destinations worldwide.

The constant jet-setting suggests Farah is living her best life traveling — seemingly her main priority right now over acting projects.

Family & Friend Time

In between all those globe-trotting adventures, Farah makes time for loved ones too. She posts many pictures celebrating holidays or special occasions with family members.

Longtime best friend and actress Hazal Subasi is also frequently featured on Farah’s social media, showing their strong bond persevering despite busy schedules.

Baked Goods Business

Most recently in 2022, Farah launched a new artisanal baked goods company called Momo’nun Mutfağı (Momo’s Kitchen). The brand sells brownies, cookies, and cake jars via online orders and delivery across Istanbul.

Farah runs the bakery with her close friend Momo, creating the sweet treats themselves within a home kitchen. The small business combines Farah’s passion for baking with her entrepreneurial side.

What’s Next for Farah Zeynep Abdullah?

Given how fulfilled Farah seems traveling the world and running her culinary business lately, could fans expect to ever see her back on the big screen?

In recent interviews, Farah remains fairly open-ended about future acting plans. She maintains she would never want to force or rush the decision. However, a couple of times Farah suggested she could envision herself taking on the right project someday.

Back in 2020, one article quoted her saying “I’ll return to sets when I feel solid inspiration.” This implies Farah may still consider acting again if a role truly excites her creativity.

She also commented that the pandemic year allowed reflection creating space for unexpected new directions. So perhaps when travel fully resumes, Farah may get re-inspired about performing.

For now, Farah seems content focusing on travel, food, family and other personal joys. But at just 32 years old, there’s likely still more to come into her multifaceted career, and fans would certainly welcome her acting comeback!


In summary, since wrapping up her hit TV show Aşk Laftan Anlamaz in 2017, Farah Zeynep Abdullah has stepped back from the hectic entertainment industry grind to enjoy quality time with loved ones combined with extensive worldwide travel.

She has since explored her passions for baking and entrepreneurship in 2022 by launching a small online baked goods company with her best friend. However, Farah remains tentatively open about potentially returning to acting someday if she reconnects with that creative fire.

For now, Farah appears fulfilled getting to adventure across exotic destinations and run her food business while spending more time with family — a major shift from the rapid fame she achieved in Turkish TV dramas earlier this decade.

But at just 32, there may still be exciting new chapters ahead in Farah’s multifaceted career. Her devoted fans will support her in whichever pursuits she chooses going forward!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About What Farah Zeynep Abdullah is Doing Now

Which hit Turkish TV drama was Farah’s first major acting role in?

Farah’s breakthrough acting role came playing Aliye in the 2010 romantic series Küçük Sırlar, earning praise from critics and audiences.

Why did Farah decide to take a break from acting after 2017?

In 2017 after almost a decade acting consistently, Farah felt ready for an extended break to focus on travel, family time, and self-discovery rather than continue the demanding filming schedule.

What type of company does Farah’s baked goods brand Momo’nun Mutfağı sell?

Farah and best friend Momo launched Momo’s Kitchen in 2022, a small business selling brownies, cookies, cake jars and other sweet treats online.

Where are some of the international destinations Farah has traveled to over the last few years?

Some of Farah’s recent global travels based on her Instagram posts include Kenya, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Thailand, and various parts of Europe.

Does Farah post about her travels frequently on social media?

Yes, Farah often shares breathtaking vacation photos on Instagram from her adventures across exotic international destinations. Jet-setting appears to be a current priority.

Has Farah introduced any longtime best friends on her Instagram?

Yes, Farah frequently posts photos with beloved bestie Hazal Subasi when they spend time together — their friendship remains super strong today.

What countries has Farah visited multiple times over the last few years?

Some places like Mexico’s beaches and European cities seem to be Farah’s repeat favorites that she’s traveled to many times recently.

Who helps Farah run the day-to-day operations of her food company?

Farah founded and runs Momo’nun Mutfağı together with her close personal friend Momo. They bake all products themselves in Momo’s home kitchen.

How does Farah typically spend holidays nowadays?

Farah tends to celebrate holidays like Christmas or New Years with family gatherings, sometimes off on a tropical vacation getaway location!

Has Farah reflected on the value of taking 2020s pandemic year to slow down and reflect?

Yes, Farah has commented that quarantining in 2020 provided her space for personal growth through reflection — perhaps opening up new career directions she didn’t expect.

Could Farah see herself returning to acting someday if the right role inspires her?

In recent interviews, Farah has implied she would consider acting again someday if she ever reconnects intensely with a role’s creative vision that excites her.

Does Farah maintain her fame and influence in Turkey today?

While acting less, Farah still carries strong name recognition in Turkey due to the lasting popularity of shows like Kuzey Güney and her prominent social media presence.

What is the name of the Travel Club that Farah joined to facilitate extraordinary trips?

Published reports indicate that Farah registered with a club called The Travel Society that coordinates unique luxury vacation packages to exotic spots globally.

How old was Farah when she got her big breakout TV role?

Farah was around 22 years old in 2010 when she shot to fame playing Aliye in her first major drama series Küçük Sırlar.

Does Farah still stay in touch with any former co-stars today?

On social media, Farah seems to remain loosely connected still with prominent former co-stars like İbrahim Çelikkol, Hazal Subasi, and Wilma Elles.

Where does Farah’s family live in Turkey?

Based on her Instagram posts, Farah’s family mainly resides in Istanbul, allowing her to see them when home from travels.

How did Farah first get discovered at the start of her professional career?

Farah’s modelling talent initially got discovered by agencies as a university student, leading to her breakout TV drama acting role not long after in 2010.

What career was Farah preparing for at university before discovering acting?

Before falling into professional acting and modeling, Farah had been studying at Istanbul University to become an economist.

Has Farah maintained connections with any of her directors or producers?

Farah does seem to have lasting rapport with accomplished Turkish producer Kerem Çatay, who helped cast her in several peak shows he worked on like Kuzey Güney and Kaçak Gelinler.

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