What is Gerard Butler Doing Now?

Scottish actor Gerard Butler skyrocketed to fame as the rugged King Leonidas in the 2006 epic historical film 300. In the years since, he has starred in a string of successful action movies while also taking on grittier dramatic projects. But what’s next for this leading man?

This in-depth guide covers everything Gerard Butler is working on now in 2023 – from upcoming films, producing projects, business ventures, his personal life, and recent noteworthy career achievements. Whether you’re a casual fan or diehard Gerard Butler devotee, read on to find out exactly what the dynamic star is up to next!

Major Acting Projects

Butler remains very busy in Hollywood with various acting projects in the works.

The Plane

This survival thriller sees Butler fighting to save passengers when a commercial flight crash lands on an island. It comes out in early 2023 from Lionsgate.

Greenland: Migration

Butler will reprise his role as structural engineer John Garrity trying to find safety for his family in this sequel to the 2020 disaster film Greenland.

Untitled Spy Romance

He will star alongside Jessica Alba in this mysterious upcoming spy movie directed by Stefano Sollima about operatives pursuing the same target. 
Film/Series Role
The Plane Brodie Torrance
Greenland: Migration John Garrity
Untitled Spy Romance Lead Role

Den of Thieves 2

Butler is expected to return as “Big Nick” O’Brien in this sequel to the 2018 heist film that is currently in development from production company Diamond Films.

Producing and Behind-the-Scenes

In addition to acting, Butler stays involved behind the camera as a producer on various projects.

The Plane

Along with starring in this upcoming action thriller, Butler is producing under his G-BASE banner.

Greenland: Migration

Butler is serving as a producer on the Greenland sequel through his company G-BASE.

After burn

Butler is producing this adaptation of the Red Grooms’ graphic novel about a love affair between a WWII pilot and a mysterious woman.

Business Ventures and Investments

Beyond entertainment, Butler has an entrepreneurial side and has invested in various ventures.

Eco-Friendly Housing

He helped develop sustainable housing in Mexico, including a resort made from recycled bottles and solar-powered dwellings.

MMA League

Butler is an equity investor in this mixed martial arts competition platform which hosts live events.

Beer Brand

Along with two partners, Butler launched a Scottish craft beer company called Plonk Beer in 2021 featuring various brews like Boy Wonder IPA.

Philanthropy and Personal Causes

Charity work holds a special importance for Butler. He focuses time, donations, and advocacy on several key issues.

Disaster Relief

Butler helped raise money after disasters like the California wildfires and Hurricane Irma. He serves on the disaster relief committee of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

Wild lands Conservancy

He works closely with and donates to this organization dedicated to preserving natural areas and protecting wildlife habitats.

Mental Health

Due to personal experiences, Butler advocates for improving mental health resources and reducing stigmas through public speaking and supporting groups like SAMHSA.

Personal Life and Interests

When not working, Butler maintains a robust personal life, pursuing various hobbies and pastimes.

Family and Relationships

Butler remains unmarried, but has been romantically linked to celebrities like Jennifer Aniston. He stays private about his current relationship status.

Health and Fitness

Staying in action hero shape at 53 requires intensive training. Butler works out daily, practices taekwondo, does yoga and meditation.

Collections and Hobbies

Butler has wide-ranging hobbies like collecting antique books, playing guitar, singing, photography, and riding motorcycles.


Even after decades in Hollywood putting his rugged good looks and charm to use in blockbusters, Gerard Butler shows no signs of slowing down. He has a steady stream of major acting projects on the horizon like The Plane and Greenland: Migration, along with behind-the-scenes work and business pursuits. Butler seems passionate about using his fame to give back and raise awareness for causes close to his heart as well. With his diverse talents and global appeal, Butler remains a leading man to watch in 2023 and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gerard Butler

What is Gerard Butler best known for?

Gerard Butler is undoubtedly best known for playing the heroic King Leonidas in the 2006 blockbuster film 300 which became a pop culture phenomenon.

How did Gerard Butler get discovered?

Butler was discovered by a talent agent at age 22 while performing at a musical theater show at the Edinburgh Festival. This led to roles in stage productions like Trainspotting.

What was Gerard Butler’s first major movie role?

Butler’s first major film role was playing Count Dracula in the 2002 horror film Dracula 2000 alongside Christopher Plummer and Jonny Lee Miller.

How many children does Gerard Butler have?

As of 2023, Gerard Butler has no children. He has not married or had any publicly known kids over the course of his career thus far.

Who has Gerard Butler dated?

Butler has been romantically linked to celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz, Madalina Ghenea, and Morgan Brown. He generally avoids discussing his private life.

Is Gerard Butler married?

No, Gerard Butler has never been married. Though he’s been in several long term relationships, the 53-year-old actor remains unmarried and without children.

How tall is Gerard Butler?

Gerard Butler stands at a height of 6 feet 2 inches, or 1.88 meters tall. His imposing physique contributes to his action hero appeal.

Is Gerard Butler Scottish or British?

Gerard Butler was born in Paisley, Scotland, to Scottish parents. He holds Scottish citizenship and identifies as Scottish, not British.

What is Gerard Butler’s net worth?

Gerard Butler’s current net worth is estimated to be around $40 million, with most of his wealth coming from major Hollywood film roles and producing fees over his career.

What accent does Gerard Butler use in his movies?

Butler uses his natural Scottish accent in many films like 300, P.S. I Love You, and Chasing Mavericks. But he adapts British and American accents convincingly as needed.

Is Gerard Butler on social media?

Yes, Butler has active accounts on platforms like Instagram with 2 million followers, Twitter with over 900k followers, and Facebook. He interacts regularly with fans.

What does Gerard Butler do for fun?

For fun, he enjoys travel, whiskey tasting, playing guitar and singing, motorcycle rides, reading, sports like soccer and surfing, and spending time with friends away from work.

What upcoming movies will Gerard Butler be in?

Butler’s upcoming films for 2023 include the airplane survival thriller The Plane and the disaster sequel Greenland: Migration, reprising his role from the first film.

Does Gerard Butler sing in any of his movies?

Yes, Butler has sung in a few films, including singing Frankie Valli’s “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” in the romantic comedy P.S. I Love You and performing Norwegian black metal in the comedy Norwegian Ninja.

How has Gerard Butler given back to charity?

Butler has supported disaster relief, mental health organizations, wild lands conservation, and groups like SAMHSA and Active Minds that reduce stigma and aid recovery.

What can we expect next from Gerard Butler?

Fans can look forward to Butler in more intense, dramatic action thrillers that showcase his versatility beyond purely physical roles and likely more producing work and business ventures as he expands his impact in Hollywood.

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