What is Ginnifer Goodwin Doing Now?

Ginnifer Goodwin is an American actress best known for the leading role as Snow White/Mary Margaret Blanchard on the popular fantasy series Once Upon a Time from 2011-2018. She also gained fame as Margene Heffman on Big Love. After Once Upon a Time ended, fans wondered what Goodwin has been working on lately. Let’s explore Ginnifer Goodwin’s recent projects and what’s next for this talented actress.

Television Projects

Goodwin has continued working in television in notable roles:

Why Women Kill (2019-2021)

Goodwin played Beth Ann Stanton over two seasons of this dark comedy series on CBS All Access/Paramount+.

Pivoting (2022)

She was cast as Amy for several episodes of this FOX midlife comedy series starring Eliza Coupe.

Love & Death (2022)

Goodwin portrayed Candy Montgomery in this true crime miniseries on HBO Max about a scandalous 1980s murder case.

She remains drawn to offbeat, complex female TV characters that engage her creativity.

Animation Voice Work

In addition to live-action acting, Goodwin has lent her voice to animated shows:

  • TinkerBell and the Legend of the NeverBeast (2014) – Fawn
  • Zootopia (2016) – Judy Hopps
  • Trolls: The Beat Goes On! (2018-2019) – Poppy

Animated roles allow Goodwin to showcase her versatility as a voice performer.

Focus on Directing

Behind the camera, Goodwin has explored directing opportunities:

  • Directed 5 episodes of Once Upon a Time from 2015-2018.
  • Directed 2 episodes of her series Why Women Kill in 2020.

She has expressed a desire to direct feature films, likely starting with indie projects to gain experience. Directing allows Goodwin to view storytelling through a new lens.

Personal Life

Goodwin married Once Upon a time co-star Josh Dallas in 2014. They have two sons together, born in 2014 and 2016.

As a mother, she has become protective of her family’s privacy and balances acting with raising her kids.

Animal Activism

A lifelong animal lover, Goodwin works with many animal charities:

  • Occupy for Animals
  • Best Friends Animal Society
  • The Humane Society of the United States
  • Hearts United for Animals

She uses her platform to advocate for animal adoption, humane farming practices, and vegetarianism.

What’s Next for Ginnifer Goodwin?

Goodwin will likely continue pursuing interesting television roles, potentially directing more episodes, and voice acting. She seems content to focus on family over seeking out many projects. Fans can anticipate thoughtful character choices from Goodwin whenever she does return in front of or behind the camera. Her enthusiasm for quality storytelling remains clear.


While best known as Snow White from Once Upon a Time, Ginnifer Goodwin continues to take on interesting television roles interspersed with animation voice work. She balances acting with raising her two sons and pursuing her passion for directing. Goodwin remains acclaimed for her nuanced emotional range and seems content carefully selecting meaningful new projects when time permits. Her fans will undoubtedly enjoy whatever she crafts in front of or behind the camera next.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ginnifer Goodwin

Where is Ginnifer Goodwin from?

Goodwin was born in Memphis, Tennessee in 1978. She later lived in Florida and graduated from Lausanne Collegiate School in Memphis.

How old is Ginnifer Goodwin?

As of 2023, Ginnifer Goodwin is 44 years old. Her birthdate is May 22, 1978.

What was Ginnifer Goodwin’s first acting role?

Goodwin’s first credited acting role was in the 1996 TV movie In the Line of Duty: Ambush in Waco as Alicia Willis.

How did Ginnifer Goodwin get her name?

“Ginnifer” is actually her mother’s maiden name, which she uses professionally instead of her first name, Jennifer.

Is Ginnifer Goodwin married?

Yes, Goodwin has been married to actor Josh Dallas since 2014 after meeting on the set of Once Upon a Time when they played Snow White and Prince Charming.

Does Ginnifer Goodwin have kids?

Yes, Goodwin and her husband Josh Dallas have two sons together – Oliver, born in 2014, and Hugo, born in 2016.

What was Ginnifer Goodwin’s breakthrough role?

Goodwin’s breakthrough lead role was as Margene Heffman on Big Love from 2006-2011. It brought her widespread critical praise.

What Disney character does Ginnifer Goodwin play?

On Once Upon a Time, Goodwin portrayed Snow White, as well as her Storybook counterpart Mary Margaret Blanchard, for 7 seasons.

What is Ginnifer Goodwin’s most acclaimed roles?

In addition to Big Love and Once Upon a Time, Goodwin has earned praise for Walk the Line, Killing Kennedy, and Judy.

How tall is Ginnifer Goodwin?

Ginnifer Goodwin is 5 feet 5 inches or 165 cm tall. Her petite height suits the feminine characters she often portrays.

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