What is Grant Holloway Doing Now?

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Grant Holloway is the American sprint hurdler who claimed a historic silver medal in the men’s 110m hurdles at the Tokyo Olympics. The 24-year-old currently holds the indoor 60m hurdles world record and won the 2019 world title in the 110m hurdles. This article will provide an update on everything Grant Holloway is doing now as he aims to build on his success from the past couple seasons.

Recapping Holloway’s 2021 Accomplishments

2021 was a monumental year for Grant Holloway. Some highlights:

  • Won 60m hurdles at 2021 NCAA Indoor Championships
  • Set 60m hurdles world record of 7.29 seconds
  • Won 110m hurdles at 2021 NCAA Outdoor Championships
  • Qualified for Tokyo Olympics at U.S. Trials
  • Claimed silver medal at Olympics in 110m hurdles
  • Helped USA win 4x100m relay gold in Tokyo
  • Swept NCAA and Olympic hurdles in same year

Despite falling just short of Olympic gold, Holloway cemented himself as a rising superstar in the hurdling world at just age 24.

Holloway’s 2022 Season So Far

After a lengthy off season following the Olympics, Holloway has returned to competition in 2022:

New York Grand Prix – May 2022

  • Won 110m hurdles in 13.06
  • Showed early season form, beating Devon Allen

USATF Outdoor Championships – June 2022

  • Captured national title in 13.14
  • Qualified for 2022 World Athletics Championships

Stockholm Diamond League – June 2022

  • Finished 2nd in 13.23 behind Devon Allen
  • Part of successful Team USA relay

Holloway has quickly rounded into form this season as he prepares to contend at the World Championships in Eugene this summer.

Holloway’s Training and Preparation for 2022

Holloway has continued training fiercely coming off his silver medal run in Tokyo:

  • Training base at University of Florida’s track complex
  • Emphasis on hurdle mobility and stability
  • Plyometrics for explosiveness over barriers
  • Speed endurance work and race pacing tactics
  • Gym sessions for core and lower body strength
  • Recovery via massage, cold tubs, and band work

Under coach Mike Holloway Sr., Grant has maintained intense, professional preparation. He analyzes his technique constantly, working to maximize efficiency.

The Coaching Influence of Mike Holloway Sr.

Holloway cites his college coach and adoptive father Mike Holloway Sr. as his most crucial influence:

  • Has coached Grant since he arrived at University of Florida
  • Won multiple NCAA titles together
  • Focuses on consistency, precision, race modeling
  • Trains Grant and other elite Gators athletes
  • Provides guidance on and off the track
  • Will coach Grant through at least the 2024 Olympics

The trust and bond between Holloway and his coach drives his continued success and training dedication.

Holloway’s Rivalry With Devon Allen Pushes Him

One of Holloway’s biggest motivations is his brewing rivalry with former Oregon star Devon Allen:

  • Allen beat Holloway at 2022 USATF Championships
  • Holloway returned favor in Stockholm weeks later
  • Allen owns slightly faster personal best of 12.99
  • Both Americans poised to battle for medals in 2022 & 2024
  • Rivalry puts pressure on Holloway but also elevates his game
  • Friendly competition benefits USA hurdling

Holloway relishes having a worthy challenger like Allen to stay focused season after season.

Holloway’s Goals for the Remainder of 2022

For the rest of 2022, Holloway has clear targets as he aims to build on Olympic silver:

  • Win first outdoor world championship in Eugene
  • Set a new personal best time in the 110m hurdles
  • Earn more Diamond League victories
  • Stay healthy and avoid major injuries
  • Focus solely on sprint hurdles
  • Use 2022 as a building block for 2024 Olympics

With the World Championships on home soil, Holloway knows a global outdoor title is within reach this summer if he can find peak form.

How Holloway Has Handled the Pressures of Stardom

As his profile has grown exponentially, Holloway recognizes the need to embrace responsibilities while remaining grounded:

  • Admits pressure is immense as champion hurdler
  • Relies on coach Holloway Sr. to deflect distractions
  • Stays off social media during season
  • Focuses only day-to-day improvement
  • Leans on inner circle for normalcy
  • Views himself as just another competitor

Holloway’s steady demeanor equips him well to handle the scrutiny that comes with being a gold medal contender and American star.

Holloway’s Plans Beyond the 2022 Season

Looking ahead, Holloway is focused on sustaining excellence through at least the 2024 Paris Olympics:

  • Continue dominating NCAA and US hurdling
  • Challenge Allen for American supremacy
  • Win future Diamond League titles
  • Lower 110m hurdle personal best
  • Potentially aim for 60m hurdle record again
  • Medal again at 2023 Worlds and 2024 Olympics
  • Eventually transition to a professional track career

At just 24, Holloway aims to cement himself as the world’s top sprint hurdler over multiple seasons.

Holloway’s Outlook on His Silver Medal Performance in Tokyo

Although he entered Tokyo favored for gold, Holloway has a measured perspective about earning Olympic silver:

  • Proud he delivered under immense expectations
  • Happy to contribute to USA track success
  • Respects Parchment’s veteran performance
  • Let early lead create nerves late in race
  • Silver provides motivation going forward
  • Not deterred from eventual goal of gold

Holloway remains confident in his abilities, despite falling just shy of gold in his first Olympics. He will use the setback as fuel to propel future improvement.


After claiming Olympic silver in 2021, Grant Holloway has resumed dominating the sprint hurdles during the 2022 season. He appears laser-focused on training hard to capture his first outdoor world title in Eugene this summer.

The rivalry with Devon Allen continues to motivate Holloway as he aims to set more personal bests. While only 24 years old, Holloway has quickly become a leader for USA track and field. Expect him to be a gold medal contender in major championships for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions About Grant Holloway

What NCAA program did Grant Holloway compete for in college?

Holloway competed for the University of Florida Gators during his NCAA career. He won multiple NCAA titles for the Gators.

Who is Grant Holloway’s current coach that guides his training?

Holloway’s longtime coach is Mike Holloway Sr., who has coached him since arriving at the University of Florida.

What world record does Grant Holloway currently hold?

Holloway set the 60m indoor hurdles world record in 2021, running 7.29 seconds.

How did Holloway perform at his first Olympics in Tokyo?

In his Olympic debut, Holloway won the silver medal in the 110m hurdles at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Where did Holloway qualify for the Olympics during the U.S. Olympic Trials?

Holloway qualified for Tokyo by placing first in the 110m hurdles at the 2021 U.S. Olympic Trials.

What medal did Holloway win at the 2019 World Athletics Championships?

Holloway won gold in the 110m hurdles at the 2019 World Championships in Doha.

Who defeated Holloway to win gold in the Tokyo Olympic 110m hurdles?

Jamaica’s Hansle Parchment defeated Holloway in Tokyo to claim Olympic gold.

What is Holloway’s outdoor personal best time in the 110m hurdles?

Holloway’s current 110m hurdles outdoor personal best is 12.98 seconds.

How old was Holloway when he won the NCAA and U.S. hurdles double in 2021?

Holloway completed the NCAA/U.S. hurdles double in 2021 at just 23 years old.

Who emerged as Holloway’s main American rival during the 2022 season?

Devon Allen has emerged as Holloway’s chief U.S. rival after beating him at the 2022 USATF Outdoor Championships.

What are Holloway’s goals for the remainder of the 2022 season?

Holloway is focused on winning a world title at the 2022 World Athletics Championships in Eugene, Oregon.

How many NCAA titles did Holloway win during his career at Florida?

In total, Holloway won six NCAA titles across indoor and outdoor track during his career as a Gator.

What relay did Holloway help Team USA win gold in at the Tokyo Olympics?

Holloway ran the second leg as Team USA won the 4x100m relay in Tokyo.

How does coach Mike Holloway Sr. help Grant handle the pressures that come with fame and success?

Coach Holloway protects Grant from distractions, keeps him grounded, and focuses only on daily improvement.

What technique does Holloway work extensively on in training to maximize his hurdling?

Holloway spends lots of time perfecting his lead leg mechanics and overall hurdling rhythm between barriers.

Who is the last American before Holloway to win the world title in the 110m hurdles?

The last American world champion before Holloway was David Oliver in 2013.

Will Holloway continue competing at the collegiate level for Florida?

Yes, Holloway plans to compete for at least one more season with the Florida Gators as he aims for a national title three-peat.

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