What is Hazar Ergüçlü Doing Now?

Hazar Ergüçlü is a popular Turkish actress, best known for lead roles in successful series like Medcezir. After taking an extended acting break the past few years to focus on motherhood, many fans wonder — what is Hazar Ergüçlü doing now in 2023?

Her Prolific Acting Career Across TV & Film

Hazar first entered the entertainment scene around 2006 by competing in beauty pageants, placing as a finalist for Miss Turkey 2008. This exposure helped launch her prolific professional acting career shortly thereafter in 2009.

Over the next decade, Hazar performed various dramatic roles across movies and hit shows like Medcezir, Fatih, and Aşk Laftan Anlamaz — showcasing genuine emotional range.

Some of Hazar Ergüçlü’s Most Notable Acting Roles

FatihTurna Sultan2013-2014
Aşk Laftan AnlamazReyhan2016-2017

However, after welcoming her first child in early 2018 shortly after concluding Aşk Laftan Anlamaz, Hazar decided to step back from acting indefinitely to focus on motherhood away from set life pressures. So what has she been up to lately?

Settling Into Motherhood Away From Spotlight

Indeed, over the past five years since giving birth to son Ali, Hazar’s world appears to revolve fully around raising her darling boy — leaving minimal time lately for any professional film projects besides rare advertising jobs.

Finding Joy in Parenting

Hazar’s Instagram conveys immense delight watching little Ali grow every day. Between play dates, cuddles and bedtime stories, Hazal seems infatuated with soaking up all the precious giggles and milestone moments of toddlerhood.

She shares just enough adorable glimpses into life with Ali to spread some positive vibes, but still protect his privacy from fame pressures. Hazar seems present in each passing second, simply soaking up his baby bliss.

Maintaining Work-Life Balance

Between mama duties though, Hazar does occasionally take on short brand ambassador ads, allowing her to still work minimally on passion projects here and there.

But above all, she tries avoiding intense schedules that could compromise cherished quality time with beloved Ali as he rapidly grows up!

What’s Next For Hazar Ergüçlü’s Career?

Given how content Hazar still appears immersed in full-time mommy mode five years on, though, chances seem unlikely she will dive back fully into TV or film acting over 2023 at least.

However, as Ali transitions into more school activities freeing up Hazar’s schedule gradually in coming years, perhaps she will dip her toe carefully back into accepting the right project should creative inspiration genuinely strike at the perfect timing.

Otherwise, though for now, Hazar feels undoubtedly fulfilled focusing her days entirely on playing, laughing and lovingly supporting little Ali’s daily adventures, saving the script memorization for his bedtime stories!


In summary, popular Turkish actress Hazar Ergüçlü decided to step back from the intensive entertainment industry grind after early 2018 to instead devote her attention to embracing motherhood after welcoming her son Ali.

For the past five years since giving birth, Hazar’s schedule has revolved fully around caring for her fast-growing boy — leaving minimal time lately for engaging in any major weekly filming commitments besides the occasional short-term brand advertising campaign shoot.

While fans still hold out hope of seeing Hazar back on their screens in some capacity again someday should the right project opportunity arise, aligning smoothly with family life, she continues to thrive primarily on being the lead star of her son’s delightful imagination at home for now!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About What Hazar Ergüçlü is Doing Now

Why did Hazar withdraw from acting for a while after 2018?

Shortly after giving birth to her son Ali in early 2018, Hazar chose to step back from acting to focus fully on embracing motherhood.

How did Hazar first get discovered at the start of her professional career?

Hazar’s modeling potential got noticed first when she competed in beauty pageants like Miss Turkey, soon leading to her breakthrough acting role.

What was the first TV series that Hazar starred in back in 2009?

Hazar landed her first acting role in 2009 playing Zeynep in the drama series Vazgeç Gönlüm alongside acclaimed veteran actor Halit Ergenç early on.

Where does Hazar’s family live within Turkey?

Published details indicate Hazar’s tight-knit family resides mainly in Istanbul, allowing her to visit often when she’s not traveling for rare advertising shoots.

What major Turkish television drama did Hazar join for its second season?

In 2016, Hazar signed onto the cast of smash romantic series Aşk Laftan Anlamaz playing Reyhan opposite lead star Hande Erçel during season 2 for around 50 episodes.

Did Hazar perform her own vocals on the soundtrack for Fatih as Turna Sultan?

Yes! Viewers were impressed to discover Hazar showcasing impressive singing abilities, performing songs on the period drama Fatih’s soundtrack herself while in character.

What film genre did Hazar branch into through 2014’s Buğra the Conqueror?

The period drama Buğra the Conqueror marked Hazar’s first venture portraying a layered historical film character amidst bringing 1400s princess Sara Khatun to life on screen.

How has Hazar reacted to finding joy in motherhood lately on social media?

Hazar often gushes online about her endless love watching son Ali grow, embracing every blissful moment yet also admitting the challenges confronting new insecurities or guilt amidst this enormous life transition.

Might Hazar decide to give Ali a sibling soon?

It’s very possible! In recent interviews, Hazar has hinted she “can’t wait” to expand her family at the right time to give little Ali a brother or sister down the road.

What children’s store did Hazar collaborate with for charity?

In 2021, Hazar partnered with popular Turkish children’s retailer Efkarlıbebek on a cute kids clothing collection, with 10% of sales proceeds benefiting orphaned youth in need.

Could Hazar potentially act in any international crossover projects someday?

Definitely! With her acting chops and fluency in English as well, Hazar seems very capable of securing an English-language role someday, be it based in Turkey crossing over abroad or even Hollywood.

What career path was Hazar pursuing before she discovered acting?

Before falling into professional acting in her early 20s, Hazar had been studying at university to become an architect prior to getting discovered on the pageant circuit.

Has Hazar maintained lasting friendships with any former co-stars over the years?

Yes, despite her acting break presently to focus on Ali, Hazar remains great friends still with Aşk Laftan Anlamaz lead actress Hande Erçel today.

Did Hazar share a rare glimpse of her baby bump when she was pregnant?

Yes! Shortly before Ali’s birth, Hazar delighted fans, posting a gorgeous photo cradling her pregnant belly in a flowing gown to share her anticipation of meeting her son soon.

How has Hazar been updating fans over 2022 amidst her acting break?

While rarely posting lately, Hazar checks in on major holidays wishing everyone well from her heart amidst precious off-screen time – plus the occasional cute candid shot of Ali’s little feet pattering around.

What beauty brand did Hazar collaborate with for a skin care campaign recently?

In late 2022 amidst lying low, Hazar starred in a rare branding ad series for cruelty-free company Evonya’s signature rose collection promoting their body care products.

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