What is Ice Spice Doing Now?

Ice Spice burst onto the rap scene in 2022 with her viral hit “Munch (Feelin’ U)” and instantly became one of hip hop’s hottest new acts. The Bronx native, real name Isis Gaston, built an audience on TikTok with her bold personality and unique fashion style before breaking out commercially.

At just 22 years old, Ice Spice has dominated headlines across social media and music publications over the past year. With her popularity skyrocketing, many are wondering – what is Ice Spice up to right now? Let’s explore Ice Spice’s current career moves, personal style and influences, collaborations, performances, and what lies ahead for the new “Ice Queen of Rap”.

Dropping Her Major Label Debut EP

After signing to a major label deal with Atlantic Records, Ice Spice unveiled her debut EP Like..? in November 2022. The 10-track project showcases her signature swaggy flow and confidence over production by Rvssian and Murda Beatz among others.

Singles like “In Ha Mood” and “Princess Diana” display Ice Spice’s versatility across drill, trap, and pop-punk influenced beats. She balances her edgy bravado with moments of vulnerability. The EP introduces Ice to a mainstream rap audience eagerly watching her next moves.

Dominating the Festival Circuit

As part of her breakout 2022, Ice Spice hit the festival circuit hard to perform her buzzy tracks for massive crowds. She rocked stages at Rolling Loud Miami and New York, Governors Ball, Made in America, and the Billboard Hot 100 Music Festival.

Ice lit up venues with her fiery raps and eye-catching designer outfits. Videos from her sets spread all over social media. Her high-energy shows left fans excited for what she’ll bring in future festival headline spots.

Collaborating with the Biggest Rappers

For a newcomer, Ice Spice already has major collabs under belt indicating strong industry support. She linked up with Lil Tjay for “Gangsta Boo” and joined Fivio Foreign for the menacing track “Like Me”.

Most recently, Ice united with Offset and Moneybagg Yo for the appropriately titled banger “Bae Bae”. Her co-signs from rap heavyweights help validate the Ice Spice phenomena.

Defining Her Fashion and Beauty Brand

A huge part of Ice Spice’s appeal comes from her loud fashion style and runway model looks. She rocks colorful wigs, trendy designer garb, bold acrylics and serves Y2K-inspired realness. Ice’s Instagram shows off her eccentric style.

She even created an alter ego mascot named Pumpkin Gangsta to sell streetwear merchandise. Ice’s unique sense of style echoes her bold artistic persona.

And major beauty brands are already lining up to partner with Ice Spice. She recently joined forces with M.A.C cosmetics for an advertising campaign and makeup giveaway promoting their Viva Glam line.

Leveling Up Her Production Value

As her popularity grows, Ice invested more into making higher quality, cinematic visuals for tracks like “Bikini Bottom” and “Actin A Smoochie”.

Her videos directly engage the short attention spans of TikTok/Instagram with quick cuts, stylistic filters, and lavish aesthetics. Ice adds subtitles to amplify her punchlines.

This glossy sheen extends to her photoshoot and merch promotional images. Ice thinks visually when promoting herself and crafting stunning imagery fans want to engage with.

Maintaining Her Realness on Social Media

While rapidly entering the celebrity stratosphere, Ice Spice keeps it real by being open and honest with fans online. She uses Instagram Live and Twitter to have genuine conversations about her life struggles, mental health, and journey in the industry.

During her meteoric come-up, Ice refused to sacrifice her Bronx grit and attitude that make her unique. She clapped back against old tweets trying to shame her for risqué lyrics. Ice stands firm in who she is.

These raw social moments humanize Ice Spice as an artist and role model for being yourself. She embraces where she came from. Her devotees admire her authenticity above all.

What’s Next for Ice Spice?

Thrust so quickly into the spotlight, the possibilities seem endless for what Ice Spice could achieve next in hip hop. Some predictions for her next moves include:

  • Releasing more singles and visuals heading into a full-length studio debut
  • Expanding her fashion brand through more merch drops and sponsorship deals
  • Potential acting roles or guest appearances as her fame transcends music
  • Headlining her own multi-city tour or joining a major rap tour package
  • More high-profile collaborations with contemporary artists
  • Leveraging viral moments to stay relevant across digital platforms

At just 22, Ice Spice seems poised to run 2023 and beyond as rap’s boldest rising star. The Ice Queen has officially arrived.


Thanks to her bold persona and lyrical bravado, Ice Spice has cemented herself as one of rap’s most exciting new voices. As she releases more music and expands her icy empire in 2023, Ice Spice seems unstoppable in her quest to reach icon status. The streets are ready to rally behind Ice and her realness. We have only begun to scratch the surface of her capabilities and star power.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ice Spice

What is Ice Spice’s real name?

Ice Spice was born Isis Gaston in Bronx, New York where she also grew up.

How old is she?

She was born in August 2000 making Ice Spice currently 22 years old.

How did she get discovered?

Ice went viral on TikTok in late 2021 for clips previewing her now hit song “Munch (Feelin U)”.

Who is she signed to?

After an intense label bidding war, Ice signed with Atlantic Records in 2022 to release her major label debut EP.

Who has Ice collaborated with in music?

Early collabs include Lil Tjay, Fivio Foreign, Offset, and Moneybagg Yo. She’s earned major co-signs already.

What is Ice known for stylistically?

Ice’s style features colorful wigs, bold designer streetwear, long nails, and serving Y2K realness. She coined her own Pumpkin Gangsta’ mascot.

Where has she performed live?

Ice Spice hit the festival circuit in 2022 headlining shows at Rolling Loud, Governor’s Ball, Billboard Hot 100 Fest and more.

Does she have merchandise?

Yes, Ice sells streetwear and other items featuring her Pumpkin Gangsta character along with her own merch collab with Fashion Nova.

What beauty deals does Ice have?

She recently partnered with MAC Cosmetics to promote their Viva Glam line and launch a makeup giveaway contest.

How does Ice interact with fans on social media?

Ice keeps it real with fans through raw Instagram Lives and Twitter conversations about her struggles, mental health and journey.

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