What is Kara Killmer Doing Now?

Kara Killmer is an American actress best known for her breakout role as Sylvie Brett on the long-running NBC drama Chicago Fire. With her girl-next-door likability and comic timing, Killmer quickly became a fan favorite on the acclaimed series. So what current projects is the actress working on when not battling blazes on Chicago Fire?

Killmer’s Background

Kara Killmer was born in June 1988 in Crowley, Texas. She become interested in performing as a child, participating in theater and choir. Killmer studied at Baylor University, earning a BFA in Acting in 2010.

After college, Killmer acted in stage productions and short films before landing her first big break playing Sylvie Brett on Chicago Fire in 2015.

Kara Killmer’s Major Roles

2015-presentChicago FireSylvie BrettSeries regular role
2016Chicago P.D.Sylvie BrettGuest crossover role
2018Chicago MedSylvie BrettGuest crossover role
2022Holiday HarmonyGailSupporting role in TV movie

Killmer continues starring as paramedic Sylvie Brett on Chicago Fire in 2022, her main acting gig. She also occasionally crosses over to other shows in the Chicago franchise.

Success on Chicago Fire

Though initially a recurring player, Killmer was upped to a series regular on Chicago Fire during her first season. Her character Sylvie Brett quickly became a fan favorite as the bubbly newcomer paramedic.

Over 150 episodes later, Killmer remains an integral part of the ensemble. She has portrayed Brett through life-threatening rescues, romantic ups and downs, and proud professional milestones. The role allows Killmer to showcase both comedic and dramatic chops.

Behind the scenes, Killmer maintains a sunny disposition and close bonds with her castmates. Her affable personality translates on-screen.

Other Recent Projects

Between filming Chicago Fire episodes, Killmer continues nurturing her creative passions through side gigs:

  • She produced and starred in the 2021 faith-based drama Redemption of a Dogg.
  • Killmer writes and records pop/country crossover music, releasing an EP called One More Try in 2020.
  • She runs the lifestyle site The Killmer Journal covering topics like beauty, fashion, and wellness.
  • Killmer hosts the podcast To Life With Kara Killmer featuring inspiring guests.
  • Hallmark cast her in a supporting role in 2022’s holiday TV movie Holiday Harmony.

Personal Life and Interests

Though Killmer now resides in Los Angeles for work, she cherishes her Texas roots and close-knit family. When not acting, she enjoys activities like yoga, hiking, swimming, and cooking.

Killmer has been in a long-term relationship with country singer Kane Brown since 2015. The couple share a daughter born in late 2020. Killmer maintains a relatively quiet personal life focused on her family.

An avid world traveler, Killmer also supports various children’s charities. She stays busy with many hobbies and passions between filming.

What’s Next for Killmer?

Given her longstanding role, Killmer should continue starring on Chicago Fire for the foreseeable future. She clearly loves the part and her castmates. Fans can likely expect more Brett drama, rescues, and romantic ups and downs.

Killmer may continue selectively acting in TV movies and nurturing her creative side projects. However, Chicago Fire remains both her priority and a reliable source of quality acting material.


Since joining Chicago Fire in 2015, Kara Killmer has established herself as a charming TV presence. Her portrayal of good-natured paramedic Sylvie Brett adds heart and humor to the gritty drama. Off-screen, Killmer’s sunny disposition and multifaceted talents make her a beloved cast member. She balances her long-running part with passion projects that allow creativity. Though Sylvie Brett remains her claim to fame, this Texas talent seems to relish the steady gig and collaborative atmosphere on Chicago Fire. Killmer found the perfect platform to make her mark on network TV.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kara Killmer

What is Kara Killmer best known for?

Kara Killmer is best known for playing paramedic Sylvie Brett on the long-running NBC drama series Chicago Fire since 2015.

Where is Kara Killmer from?

She was born and raised in Crowley, Texas. Killmer later relocated to Los Angeles for her acting career.

How did Kara Killmer get her big break on Chicago Fire?

She worked consistently in theater after graduating college until landing the role of Sylvie Brett, which catapulted her career.

What character does Kara Killmer play on Chicago Fire?

She plays Sylvie Brett, a cheery paramedic eager to prove herself on the elite truck crew.

Is Kara Killmer a series regular on Chicago Fire?

Yes, she has been a main cast member since joining the show in 2015 during season 3.

What seasons of Chicago Fire has Kara Killmer appeared in?

She first appeared in season 3 in 2015. Killmer remains on the show today in its current season 11 as of 2022.

Does Kara Killmer appear on other Chicago shows?

Yes, she has also portrayed Sylvie Brett in guest appearances on the Chicago Fire spinoffs Chicago P.D. and Chicago Med.

Who does Kara Killmer play in Holiday Harmony?

In the 2022 Hallmark holiday movie, she plays Gail, a supportive friend of the main character. This marked a rare non-Chicago Fire role.

Is Kara Killmer married?

She has been in a long-term relationship with country singer Kane Brown since 2015. They have a daughter born in 2020.

What are Kara Killmer’s hobbies?

She enjoys activities like yoga, hiking, swimming, cooking, and traveling. Killmer also has passions for music, writing, and wellness.

Where did Kara Killmer go to college?

She graduated from Baylor University in 2010 with a BFA in Acting. This prepared her for a career in television.

Is Kara Killmer on social media?

Yes, she has active Instagram and Twitter accounts under @karakillmer. She often interacts with Chicago Fire fans.

How old is Kara Killmer?

Killmer was born in June 1988. As of 2022, she is 34 years old.

How tall is Kara Killmer?

According to online records, she is listed around 5’4″ tall.

What awards has Kara Killmer been nominated for?

She shared ensemble nominations with her Chicago Fire castmates for awards like the Teen Choice Awards.

What can we expect next from Kara Killmer?

Fans can look forward to more Sylvie Brett drama on future seasons of Chicago Fire. Killmer may also act occasionally in TV movies or continue music.

Where can I see Kara Killmer’s past work?

All her episodes playing Sylvie Brett since 2015 can be viewed on Chicago Fire via the NBC app or streaming platforms like Hulu.

Why do fans relate to Kara Killmer?

Many find her girl-next-door likability and bubbly personality on Chicago Fire endearing. Killmer is very interactive with fans online.

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