What is Lauren Cohan Doing Now?

Lauren Cohan is an American-British actress best known for playing Maggie Greene on AMC’s hit series The Walking Dead. She has also appeared in shows like Supernatural, Chuck, and The Vampire Diaries. After leaving The Walking Dead in 2018, Cohan took some time off before her recent return. So what projects is Lauren Cohan working on now in 2023?

Return to The Walking Dead

Cohan’s biggest news is her high-profile return to The Walking Dead in the show’s eleventh and final season, which aired its last episodes in late 2022.

She reprised her role as the fan favorite character Maggie after being away for two seasons. Cohan’s return allowed Maggie to get closure just as the show wrapped up its historic run.

Upcoming Spy Series “Redeemer”

With The Walking Dead over, Cohan has an exciting new project on the horizon – an action spy series called Redeemer for Prime Video.

She will play the lead character, an ex-Marine who becomes a mercenary for hire. The show was greenlit in early 2022 and is slated to begin filming in 2023 though a release date is not yet set.

Redeemer will showcase Cohan’s talent in a new genre and marks her first big follow-up project after The Walking Dead.

Recent Movies

In addition to her iconic Walking Dead role, Cohan starred in a few feature films over the past couple years:

  • Mile 22 (2018) – Action thriller with Mark Wahlberg
  • Blood Raid (2022) – Period action film set in 10th century Europe

Though she is likely focused now on Redeemer, Cohan remains interested in select film projects amid her TV work.

Personal and Family Life

Little is known about Cohan’s private life, as she keeps it out of the media.

She had a long-term relationship with actor Christian Carino that ended in 2018. Cohan has rarely spoken about dating or relationships since.

While based in Los Angeles for work, Cohan also spends a lot of time in her native England with family. She stays connected to her British roots.

Philanthropy and Activism

When not acting, Cohan dedicates time to charitable organizations and social causes she cares about deeply.

  • She supports the Tusk Trust, which works to protect wildlife including elephants and rhinos in Africa. Cohan also films PSAs against poaching.
  • Other work includes fundraising for AIDS Project Los Angeles and supporting LGBT rights.
  • She partners with the International Medical Corps, providing medical aid globally.

Philanthropy seems to be an increasing focus for Cohan alongside acting.

Career Retrospective and Rise to Fame

Let’s look back at some career highlights that led to Cohan’s success:<div class=”tabular-data”>

EraSelect Film & TV Roles
Early 2000sCasanova, Floating
Late 2000sSupernatural, The Vampire Diaries, Chuck
Early 2010sThe Walking Dead (began in 2010)
Mid 2010sBatman v Superman, The Boy
Late 2010sWhiskey Cavalier, The Walking Dead exit
2020sThe Walking Dead return


Cohan has impressively balanced both film and television work, including major blockbuster movies. But her defining role has been Maggie Greene on The Walking Dead.


In summary, Lauren Cohan continues to thrive as an actress, expanding into new genres and projects after her 11-season run on The Walking Dead. 2023 will likely see her filming the lead role in the Prime Video series Redeemer, which fans are thrilled about. Cohan also remains devoted to philanthropy and selectively appears in films. While she will always be remembered for playing Maggie, Cohan’s supporters are eager to see what diverse and compelling characters she takes on next. For now, she seems focused on passion projects with purpose during the prime of her career.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lauren Cohan

Where is Lauren Cohan from?

Lauren Cohan was born January 7, 1982, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She also lived in New Jersey as a child before moving to England.

What is Lauren Cohan’s nationality?

Cohan has dual American and British citizenship. She was raised largely in the U.K. but was born in the United States.

How did Lauren Cohan get her start in acting?

Cohan’s first role was in the film Casanova alongside Heath Ledger in 2005. This led to more film and TV roles before her big breakout in The Walking Dead in 2010.

What was Lauren Cohan’s breakthrough role?

Lauren Cohan’s breakthrough role came in 2010 when she was cast as Maggie Greene in the hit zombie series The Walking Dead, which she starred on for over 9 seasons.

Is Lauren Cohan married?

No, Cohan is not currently married. She was previously in a long-term relationship with actor Christian Carino that ended in 2018. She keeps her dating and personal life private.

Does Lauren Cohan have children?

As of 2023, Lauren Cohan does not have any children. In interviews, she has expressed wanting a family someday.

What shows was Lauren Cohan on other than The Walking Dead?

Some other major TV shows Cohan has appeared on are Supernatural, Chuck, The Vampire Diaries, Reach Me, and Whiskey Cavalier.

What films has Lauren Cohan starred in?

Some of Cohan’s most popular films are Casanova, Floating, The Quiet Ones, Batman v Superman, Mile 22, and Blood Raid.

Why did Lauren Cohan leave The Walking Dead?

Cohan stepped away from The Walking Dead in 2018 to pursue other opportunities after being on the show for 8 seasons. She later returned as Maggie for the final season in 2022.

What is Lauren Cohan’s net worth?

Lauren Cohan’s net worth is estimated to be around $4 million, largely from her many seasons starring on The Walking Dead.

What charitable causes does Lauren Cohan support?

Cohan supports organizations like Tusk Trust that protect wildlife, International Medical Corps, LGBT rights, AIDS Project Los Angeles among others through fundraising.

What accent does Lauren Cohan use on The Walking Dead?

Cohan uses her natural English accent as Maggie Greene on The Walking Dead, since the character hailed from a farm in the south of England.

What upcoming projects does Lauren Cohan have?

Cohan will star in the new Prime Video action series Redeemer planned for 2023 about a mercenary.

Has Lauren Cohan won any awards?

Cohan won a 2018 Shorty Award for Best Actress in Social Media for her engaging digital presence and social media activity.

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