What is Letesenbet Gidey Doing Now (January 2024)

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Letesenbet Gidey is an Ethiopian long-distance runner who holds world records in the 5000 meters, 10,000 meters and half-marathon events. She had a successful but injury-impacted 2022 season. Many fans are curious what Gidey is focused on now during this off season period as she plans her 2023 season and beyond.

Overview of Letesenbet Gidey’s Career

  • Holds 5000m and 10,000m world records
  • Won bronze in 10,000m at 2019 World Championships
  • Silver in 10,000m at 2020 Tokyo Olympics
  • Has run under 30 minutes for 10,000 meters 5 times

The 24-year-old emerged as one of the world’s top distance runners over the last Olympic cycle. Her fast times and world records have marked her as one of the most dominant talents in the sport currently.

Gidey’s Key Results From Her 2022 Season

  • 5000m silver at World Championships in 14:46.29
  • Ras Al Khaimah Half Marathon winner in 1:03:43
  • Injuries hampered her late season racing
  • Only 7th in Commonwealth Games 10,000m

What is Letesenbet Gidey Focused on This Off season?

During this fall and winter, Letesenbet Gidey’s focus is likely on:

Healing Her Body

  • Recovering from Achilles and hip issues she battled this year
  • Prioritizing rest and rehabilitation to get fully healthy

Evaluating Her Training

  • Assessing what went well and what she can improve in her training
  • Working closely with coach Getaneh Tessema on any changes

Strengthening Weak Areas

  • Targeted gym work and exercises to address imbalances
  • Working on running form and mechanics

Planning 2023 Season Goals

  • Reviewing her race schedule and deciding on key targets
  • Motivated by upcoming World Championships in Budapest

Spending Time with Family/Friends

  • Valuing downtime spent relaxing with loved ones
  • Recharging mentally away from the demands of training

What Events Will Letesenbet Gidey Target in 2024?

Based on her past success, Gidey will likely target these major events next season:

Indoor 5000m

  • Chance for fast time at World Indoors in March in Nanjing
  • Tuning up speed for outdoor season

Diamond League Circuit

  • Contesting both 5000m and 10,000m at DL meets
  • Opportunity to set world-leading times

World Outdoor Championships

  • 10,000m and potentially 5000m/10,000m double
  • Seeking first global outdoor title after past silver/bronze

NYC Marathon Debut

  • Rumored marathon debut in November 2023
  • Would bring her speed and endurance to 26.2 miles

How Does Letesenbet Gidey Train as an Elite Runner?

Gidey has adopted the intense training approach common among Ethiopian champions:

High Weekly Mileage

  • Regularly exceeds 100+ miles per week during peak training
  • Much of running done at, 7000+ feet altitude

Long Tempo Runs

  • Sessions of 90+ minutes at 10k to half-marathon race pace
  • Builds muscular endurance and lactate threshold

Fartlek Workouts

  • Alternates serge intervals with jogging recovery
  • Develops speed and running economy

Speed Development

  • Track sessions of shorter/faster intervals
  • Mile repeats, 800s, 400s with full rest

Strength Training

  • 2–3 days per week in the gym for injury prevention
  • Works on core strength and balance exercises

Balancing Running and Life for Letesenbet Gidey

Despite her intense focus on training, Gidey understands the importance of interests outside the track:

Family and Friends

  • Values spending free time with relatives when possible
  • Provides escapes from solitary training routine

Reading Books

  • Enjoys reading in her spare time
  • Often inspirational and motivational books

Experiencing New Cultures

  • Traveling for races allows her to see the world
  • Interacts with international fans and fellow runners

Giving Back to Community

  • Volunteers time to mentor and aid young people
  • Wants to inspire others to pursue sports/education

Relaxed Off season

  • After season ends, takes time to relax and reset
  • Avoids rigorous training during 1-2 month break

Letesenbet Gidey’s Approach to Nutrition and Recovery

Gidey recognizes proper nutrition and recovery techniques as key components of her training:

Traditional Ethiopian Diet

  • Staples like injera, shiro, lentils, veggies
  • Lean proteins like fish and chicken occasionally
  • Natural, minimally processed foods

Diligent Hydration Habits

  • Drinks frequently and brings fluids on training runs
  • Careful to hydrate and refuel during long sessions

Prioritizing Rest

  • Takes 1-2 rest days per week when needed
  • Understands hard sessions require ample sleep and rest

Post-Run Recovery Routines

  • Gets regular massages for muscle recovery
  • Foam rolling, ice baths, and stretching

Off season Break

  • Takes 1–2 months off after season to recover
  • Allows time to recharge fully before next training cycle

What Motivates Letesenbet Gidey in Pursuit of Excellence?

Gidey maintains motivation through:

The Training Lifestyle

  • Genuinely loves the routine and lifestyle of training
  • Motivated by the meticulous daily process itself

Breaking Boundaries

  • Driven to run faster than any woman before
  • Wants to redefine perceptions of what’s possible

Making History

  • Inspired to run barrier-breaking times
  • Knows she has potential for historic feats

Winning Gold Medals

  • Still seeking her first global outdoor title
  • Using past silver/bronze as motivation

Representing Ethiopia

  • Motivated to succeed on behalf of her country
  • Wants to inspire Ethiopian youth to excel


In summary, after an injury-shortened 2022 campaign, Letesenbet Gidey is currently focused on healing and gradually rebuilding her training during this off season period. She will be targeting fast times on the indoor and outdoor circuits in 2023, along with a potential marathon debut.

Her heavy training load centered around volume, long tempo efforts, and speed development has enabled Gidey to set multiple world records. Off the track, Gidey values her family, reading books, giving back, and relaxing during time away from training.

At just 24 years old, Gidey is poised to remain one of the most dominant forces in women’s distance running for years to come if she can stay healthy and committed.

Frequently Asked Questions about Letesenbet Gidey

Where is Letesenbet Gidey from?

Letesenbet Gidey is from Ethiopia. She was born in 1993 in the town of Dinsho in the Oromia region of Ethiopia.

What world records does Letesenbet Gidey currently hold?

Gidey holds the 5000m (14:06.62), 10,000m (29:01.03), and half-marathon (1:02:52) world records set in 2020 and 2021.

Who coaches Gidey?

Gidey is coached by Getaneh Tessema, who heads up training of several top Ethiopian runners. Tessema has guided her steady development.

What major title has Letesenbet Gidey won so far?

Gidey’s biggest title has been the silver medal she won in the 10,000 meters at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

How many World Championship medals does Letesenbet Gidey have?

So far Gidey has won one World Championships medal – a bronze in the 10,000 meters in 2019 held in Doha.

When did Gidey first emerge as an international contender?

Gidey had her breakthrough in 2018, winning the African Championships 10,000m title. She lowered her PBs considerably that year.

Does Gidey train at altitude in Ethiopia?

Yes, Gidey does most of her training in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa, which sits at over 7000 feet elevation. This high altitude helps boost stamina.

What was Gidey’s result in the 10,000m at the 2022 World Championships?

In 2022, Gidey ran 31:10.67 in the World Championship 10,000m to place 4th, just off the podium. She was struggling with injuries.

How fast did Gidey run the half-marathon to break the WR?

In April 2021, Gidey ran an incredible 1:02:52 at the half-marathon in Valencia, Spain to break the previous world record by over 1 minute.

How many Olympics has Gidey competed at so far?

Thus far Gidey has competed at one Olympics – the 2020 Tokyo Games where she won 10,000m silver behind Sifan Hassan.

What hobbies and interests does Gidey have off the track?

Gidey enjoys reading books in her spare time, especially motivational stories and biographies of successful people. She also values spending time with family and friends.

What makes Gidey’s running style unique?

Gidey is known for her ability to reel off incredibly fast 5k segments within races, thanks to her metronomic stride and impressive running economy.

Who have been Gidey’s main rivals recently?

Some of Gidey’s biggest recent rivals are Sifan Hassan, Letesenbet Gidey, Ejgayehu Taye, Konstanze Klosterhalfen, and Agnes Tirop.

What fuels Gidey’s motivation and drive to succeed?

Gidey is highly motivated by breaking world records, winning major titles for Ethiopia, the training lifestyle, and leaving a legacy in distance running.

How much prize money did Gidey earn from breaking WRs?

For breaking the 5000m and 10,000m world records in 2020, Gidey earned around $100,000 total in prize money and bonuses from meets and sponsors.

Is Gidey active on social media?

No, Gidey does not currently have public social media accounts. She maintains a relatively low profile outside of racing.

What age was Gidey when she first started running?

Gidey started competing in cross-country races at school when she was 13 years old. Her immense talent over long distances was evident from the beginning.

Who is Gidey’s agent and manager?

Gidey is represented by Hussein Makke of Volare Sports. He manages other top Ethiopian runners as well.

How has Gidey’s coach Getaneh Tessema helped her reach the top?

Under Getaneh’s coaching, Gidey has developed immense strength and speed. He has guided her steady progression to becoming a world record holder.

What does the future hold for Gidey’s running career?

Gidey likely has many more years of competition ahead. Her potential goals include breaking more world records, winning major titles, and eventually moving up to the marathon.

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