What is Martin Henderson Doing Now?

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Martin Henderson is a New Zealand actor best known for playing Dr. Nathan Riggs on the hit medical drama Grey’s Anatomy. After departing the show in 2017, fans wonder what projects Henderson has taken on next. Here is an overview of what Martin Henderson is up to now in 2023.

Martin Henderson’s Recent Projects

Grey’s Anatomy Cameo

While no longer a series regular, Henderson returned to Grey’s Anatomy in May 2022 for a guest appearance reprising Dr. Nathan Riggs nearly 5 years after leaving the show. Fans loved seeing him back at Grey Sloan Memorial.

Upcoming Movie Roles

On the film side, Henderson has roles in two upcoming features – the drama Lou starring Allison Janney and Jurnee Smollett, and the historical epic Prisoner of Tehran.

Spending Time in Australia

When not acting, Henderson splits time between Los Angeles and his native Australia. He enjoys surfing, hiking, and other outdoor activities when back home in Australia near Byron Bay.

Passion Projects

An environmental activist, Henderson may look to produce documentary projects focused on causes close to his heart like sustainability, marine conservation, and animal welfare.

Potential TV Comeback

While selective about roles after Grey’s Anatomy, Henderson’s return to the show could spark interest from other networks and streaming services to court him for his next primetime project.

Martin Henderson’s Acting Career Overview

Early Life and Career

Born in New Zealand in 1974, Henderson moved to Sydney, Australia as a teenager to attend acting school. His career began on Australian TV in the early 1990s before relocating to Hollywood.

Breakout Role on The Ring

Henderson got noticed by American audiences playing one of the lead roles in the 2002 horror film The Ring opposite Naomi Watts. The blockbuster put him on the map.

Transition to Leading Man

After The Ring, Henderson landed lead roles in romantic dramas like The Perfect Score, Torque, and Flyboys establishing himself as a handsome, bankable star.

Primetime Success on Grey’s Anatomy

His most prominent role came in 2016 when he joined the cast of Grey’s Anatomy as Dr. Nathan Riggs, the love interest to Dr. Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo). He remained on the show for nearly 3 seasons.

International Appeal

Thanks to his New Zealand roots, Henderson has global appeal starring in American, Australian and British films and TV projects appealing to audiences worldwide.

What’s Next for Martin Henderson?

While selective about taking on new roles, here are some possible projects in Henderson’s future:

Another US Television Series

With Grey’s Anatomy proving his primetime appeal to American audiences, Henderson seems likely to headline another network or streaming TV drama at some point.

Romantic Comedy Movie

Early in his career, Henderson appeared in rom-coms like The Ring Two and Sweet Home Alabama. Starring in another charming romantic comedy seems like a good fit.

Thriller or Action Lead

With strong screen presence, Henderson could thrive as the lead in a gritty indie thriller or even a big budget action flick allowing him to show off his physicality.

Producing Environmental Documentaries

Combining his Hollywood expertise and passion for the environment, Henderson may look to produce documentary features or series spotlighting key issues.

Australian Film Project

At some point Henderson may be drawn back to his Aussie roots to star in a local film production or TV series allowing him to film closer to home.

Martin Henderson’s Accolades and Awards

While not having won any major industry awards yet, Henderson has been recognized for some performances:  
Award Year Category Production
Logie Award 1993 Most Popular New Talent Echo Point
Teen Choice Award 2002 Choice Movie Actor: Drama/Action The Ring

Martin Henderson’s Net Worth

With steady acting work in Hollywood for over 20 years now, Henderson has amassed an impressive net worth estimated between $5-$10 million according to reports. Income from shows like Grey’s Anatomy and films like The Ring have contributed significantly.

Martin Henderson’s Personal Life

Unlike many actors, Henderson keeps his personal life extremely private. Little is known aside from a few details:

  • Has never been married and keeps romantic life very private
  • Enjoys surfing, hiking, camping, and travel
  • Passionate environmental and animal activist
  • Splits time between Los Angeles and Australia
  • Known for being shy and introverted

Fun Facts About Martin Henderson

  • Grew up on a sheep and cattle farm outside Auckland, New Zealand as one of four siblings
  • Attended design school before discovering acting
  • Won a modeling competition on Australian TV as a teen
  • Appeared in Tina Turner’s music video for “Whatever You Need”
  • Has competed in celebrity surfing and poker tournaments
  • Signed on to Grey’s Anatomy without reading a script after one meeting
  • Suffered various injuries filming his own stunts
  • Directed multiple music videos for Australian artists early in his career
  • Was a competitive swimmer growing up in New Zealand


While comfortable stepping back from the spotlight between projects, Martin Henderson has proven himself leading man material thanks to breakout roles in The Ring, Grey’s Anatomy, and other popular films and TV shows. With his rugged good looks, environmental activism, and laidback Aussie/Kiwi charm, Henderson should have broad appeal whenever he opts to step in front of the camera again. And with upcoming roles in 2023, fans won’t have to wait too long for his next star turn. Whether in a primetime US series, an Australian indie film, or a big-budget Hollywood picture, Henderson’s admirers worldwide are ready to welcome him back on their screens.

Frequently Asked Questions About Martin Henderson

What character is Martin Henderson best known for?

Martin Henderson is best known for playing Dr. Nathan Riggs on the ABC drama Grey’s Anatomy from 2016-2017.

Why did Martin Henderson leave Grey’s Anatomy?

After nearly 3 seasons on the show, Henderson opted to exit Grey’s Anatomy because he felt creatively done with the character’s storyline.

Where is Martin Henderson originally from?

Henderson was born in Auckland, New Zealand but moved to Sydney, Australia as a teenager where he began acting. He splits his time between both countries still.

What was Martin Henderson’s breakthrough role?

American audiences first took notice of Henderson in the 2002 horror film The Ring opposite Naomi Watts. It brought him mainstream attention.

How old is Martin Henderson?

As of 2023, Henderson is 48 years old. He was born in 1974 in New Zealand.

Is Martin Henderson married?

No, Henderson has never been married. He keeps his romantic relationships very private and out of the spotlight.

How tall is Martin Henderson?

Martin Henderson is reportedly around 5 feet 10 inches (178 cm) tall with an athletic build.

What Grey’s Anatomy character did Martin Henderson play?

Henderson played Dr. Nathan Riggs who joined the show in season 12 as a love interest for Dr. Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo).

What movie did Martin Henderson star in with Brittany Snow?

Henderson and Snow were the romantic leads in the 2002 teen comedy The New Guy. They also both started in The Ring the same year.

How can I follow Martin Henderson on social media?

You can follow the private Henderson on Instagram at @martinhendersonofficial where he has over 200k followers. He has no personal Twitter account.

What environmental causes does Martin Henderson support?

Henderson uses his platform to advocate for marine conservation, sustainability initiatives, and animal welfare groups like PETA and the ASPCA.

What upcoming projects does Martin Henderson have?

Henderson will appear in the drama films Lou with Allison Janney and Jurnee Smollett, as well as the historical movie Prisoner of Tehran.

What accent does Martin Henderson have?

Henderson has a New Zealand and Australian accent blend, sometimes called a “Kiwi-Aussie” accent, reflecting where he grew up.

Will Martin Henderson return to Grey’s Anatomy again?

While another full-time return is unlikely, Henderson’s recent cameo indicates he’d be open to occasionally reprising Dr. Nathan Riggs for key episodes.

Did Martin Henderson sing in Smash?

Yes, Henderson showcased his singing ability through his guest role on the musical TV series Smash in 2013.

Has Martin Henderson ever won any major acting awards?

While nominated for a Teen Choice Award in 2002, Henderson has yet to win any significant mainstream film/TV acting awards up to this point in his career.

What types of roles is Martin Henderson known for?

Early on Henderson was known for teen films, then romantic leads. Grey’s Anatomy established him as a primetime TV drama star. He hasn’t appeared in many comedies.

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