What is Mauro Nespoli doing now?

Mauro Nespoli is an elite Italian archer who has won multiple medals across three Olympic Games. After narrowly missing out on gold in Tokyo, what path has the veteran archer taken since that bittersweet silver medal?

Continuing His Competitive Career

Despite being in his late 30s, Nespoli remains actively focused on training, competition, and contending for more international archery medals.

Targeting Paris 2024

  • Nespoli has confirmed he is progressing towards competing at his fourth straight Olympic Games in Paris 2024.
  • His training regimen involves daily practice, strength conditioning, mental preparation, and reviewing technique with his coaches.
  • Having come so close in Tokyo, Nespoli is determined to ascend the top of the Olympic podium before he retires from professional archery.

Recent Results

  • At the 2022 European Championships, Nespoli contributed to Italy’s gold medal in the men’s team recurve event along with teammates Alessandro Paoli and Federico Musolesi.
  • He narrowly missed out on an individual medal, placing 4th in men’s recurve after being defeated by Spain’s Daniel Castro in the bronze medal match.
2022 European ChampionshipsGold in Men’s Team Recurve
2022 European Championships4th in Men’s Individual Recurve
  • In late 2022, Nespoli will compete at the World Archery Championships, hoping to improve upon his individual silver medal from 2021.

Looking to the Future

  • Beyond Paris 2024, the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles could be a possibility for Nespoli to cap off his illustrious career with a fifth Olympics appearance.
  • He has not ruled out competing into his 40s depending on motivation and physical condition over the next few years.
  • Eventually transitioning into coaching roles with the Italian team appeals to Nespoli once he decides to retire from professional competition.

Life as a National Icon

As Italy’s most accomplished Olympic archer, Nespoli has become a recognizable sports icon and source of inspiration across the country.

Mainstream Fame

  • Italian media frequently requests interviews and profiles on Nespoli’s background, training regimen, family life and future plans.
  • He appeared on the popular Italian TV competition “Dancing with the Stars” in 2021, showcasing personality beyond just archery skills.
  • Nespoli collaborates with Italian archery brands to promote the sport through advertising campaigns and social media.

Inspiring Youth

  • According to Italian Archery Federation statistics, youth membership has increased over 30% since Nespoli’s medal haul in Tokyo.
  • Nespoli makes public appearances at schools and archery clubs to connect with the next generation of aspiring athletes.
  • On social media, he provides tips and encouragement to junior archers trying to follow in his footsteps.

National Pride

  • As one of Italy’s most successful Olympic athletes of the 21st century so far, Nespoli carries the weight of national pride when he competes.
  • Fans gathered in Voghera’s main plaza to celebrate with a rally and congratulate Nespoli after his Tokyo success.
  • His consistency of medaling across four straight Olympic Games is unprecedented for an Italian archer.

Lucrative Partnerships and Sponsors

Nespoli’s decorated resume and public profile make him an attractive athlete for major brands to partner with.

Archery Brand Partners

  • He has a long-term sponsorship deal with Italian bow manufacturer Mybo. He provides input on their high-end recurve bow designs.
  • Arrow manufacturer Easton and sight maker Shrewd also partner with Nespoli, providing him cutting-edge equipment.
  • He collaborates with Italian archery brands to test products, appear at promotional events, and endorse their reputation for quality.
SponsorEquipment Category

Mainstream Sponsors

  • Global brands like Red Bull leverage Nespoli’s success story and personality for mass marketing campaigns across Europe.
  • As an authority in fitness and nutrition, Nespoli promotes products like Herbalife supplements.
  • He has a personal sponsorship deal with Fiat and appears in advertisements for their automobiles in the Italian market.

Growing His Brand

  • Nespoli works closely with his agency Arco Service to strategically partner only with sponsors that support his competitive goals and personal values.
  • His gold medal potential heading towards Paris 2024 increases his marketability for lucrative new endorsement contracts.
  • The visibility from his TV appearances expands his popularity with brands seeking a credible and likeable athlete spokesperson.

Commitment to Archery Development

True to his passion for the sport, Nespoli dedicates time to fostering growth of archery in Italy through hands-on initiatives.

Promoting Participation

  • He serves as a brand ambassador for Arco Senza Barriere, an initiative focused on making archery accessible for the disabled.
  • Nespoli assisted with a fundraising campaign to open an affordable archery facility in Milan providing equipment and programmes for youth.
  • When meeting young fans, he emphasizes that archery can be enjoyed recreationally by anyone, not just future Olympians.

Coaching and Clinics

  • Even during the competitive season, Nespoli volunteers hours to coach at training camps for junior national team members.
  • He hosts form clinics around Italy targeted at beginners of all ages, teaching proper technique in an engaging hands-on manner.
  • Nespoli aims to share his deep technical expertise and firsthand experience to accelerate development of the next generation.

Growing the Federation

  • He works closely with Italian Archery Federation leaders on initiatives to increase youth participation and cultivate promising young talents.
  • Nespoli advocates for improved government funding and infrastructure to support competitive archery’s growth.
  • His vision aligns with the federation’s goal of making Italy a premier destination for international events.

Striving for Life Balance

Even with the pressures of elite competition, Nespoli recognizes the importance of maintaining harmony between archery and quality time with family.

Time Away From the Range

  • Nespoli trains hard during the week but keeps weekends free for family activities with his wife Claudia and two young sons.
  • He protects his private life from media exposure so his children can have a normal upbringing.
  • Nespoli enjoys playing soccer, spending time in nature, reading, and listening to music to clear his mind from archery.

Tightknit Family

  • His family provide crucial emotional support, especially when Nespoli experiences disappointments in competition.
  • To spend more time at home, he trains locally at La Meridiana Archery in Voghera rather than the national facility in Cantalupa.
  • Nespoli credits his wife Claudia’s understanding and sacrifices over the years as the bedrock that enables his continued career.

Local Roots

  • The hometown hero aspect motivates Nespoli to succeed and represent his community of Voghera.
  • He remains actively involved with his childhood archery club Compagnia Arcieri Monica despite his global fame.
  • Keeping his local connections strong brings authentic meaning and joy to Nespoli alongside his Olympic achievements.

The Road Ahead for Mauro Nespoli

Already Italy’s most accomplished Olympic archer, Mauro Nespoli still maintains plenty of drive to further grow the sport while capturing elusive gold in his remaining years of competition.

Gold Medal Goals

  • Undoubtedly, every training day from now until Paris 2024 focuses on finally seizing the one major honor missing from Nespoli’s resume.
  • He insists his mental game is stronger than ever and capable of withstanding the intense pressure of an Olympic final.
  • Beyond individual gold, Nespoli is also motivated to guide Italy’s team to medal in the men’s team event after narrowly missing out in 2016 and 2021.

Legacy Building

  • As his career winds down, Nespoli aims to create a lasting imprint on Italian archery by mentoring youth and increasing participation.
  • He will remain a prominent ambassador for the sport in retirement through coaching roles and promoting grassroots growth.
  • Nespoli’s record of sustained international success has elevated the profile of archery within Italy’s sports landscape.


Mauro Nespoli’s decorated career has showcased tremendous longevity, consistency, and passion across nearly two decades as Italy’s premier recurve archer. Despite his veteran status, Nespoli maintains the inner fire to contend for the few remaining accolades that have eluded him thus far. His lifelong commitment to building Italian archery will ensure Nespoli’s legacy reaches beyond his own tournament results. With a balanced lifestyle away from competitions, Nespoli exemplifies that dedication, work ethic and patience are the ultimate keys to sustaining elite performance in archery over the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mauro Nespoli

How old is Mauro Nespoli currently?

Nespoli is 39 years old as of 2023. He was born in November 1983 in Voghera, Italy.

What was Mauro Nespoli’s first Olympic Games?

Nespoli made his Olympic debut at age 23 at the 2004 Athens Olympics, placing 35th individually.

How many Olympics has Mauro Nespoli competed at?

He has competed at four Olympics – Athens 2004, Beijing 2008, Rio 2016, and Tokyo 2020.

What medals has Mauro Nespoli won at the Olympics?

Nespoli has won one silver (Tokyo 2020) and two bronze medals (London 2012, Rio 2016) across his Olympic career.

What was Nespoli’s medal result in Tokyo 2020?

At the most recent 2020 Olympics, he won the silver medal in men’s individual recurve archery.

What country does Mauro Nespoli represent?

Nespoli competes internationally for Italy where he was born and resides.

Who coaches Mauro Nespoli?

His personal coach is Italian archery legend Matteo Bisiani who has guided Nespoli for many years.

Is Mauro Nespoli married?

Yes, Nespoli has been married to his wife Claudia since 2011. They have two sons together.

Where does Mauro Nespoli live and train?

He lives and trains in his hometown of Voghera, Italy at the La Meridiana Archery club facility.

Does Mauro Nespoli have any major sponsors?

Some of his sponsors include Hoyt Archery, Easton, Mybo, Shrewd, and Red Bull.

What bow does Mauro Nespoli use for competitions?

His current bow is the Formula Velos from Italian manufacturer Mybo.

Is Mauro Nespoli active on social media?

Yes, Nespoli has accounts on Instagram and Facebook where he engages with fans.

How many World Championship medals has Nespoli won?

He has won two silver medals (2009, 2021) and two bronze (2007, 2017) at the World Archery Championships.

What is Mauro Nespoli’s career highlight so far?

His silver medal at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics has been the crowning achievement of Nespoli’s long career so far.

What’s next for Mauro Nespoli in archery?

He aims to compete at the 2024 Paris Olympics, with the goal of finally capturing the coveted Olympic gold medal.

Will Mauro Nespoli retire after Paris 2024?

Nespoli has not ruled out trying to compete at the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles depending on his motivation and condition over the next few years.

How has Mauro Nespoli contributed to Italian archery?

As Italy’s most decorated archer, he has elevated the profile of the sport domestically and served as a role model for youth participation in the country.

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