What is Remona Burchell Doing Now?

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Remona Burchell is a retired Jamaican sprinter who competed in the 100m and 200m events. She rose to prominence in the late 2000s, winning Olympic and World Championship relay medals for Jamaica. After retiring in 2016, many fans wonder – what is Remona Burchell doing now?

In this in-depth article, we’ll look back at Burchell’s accomplishments at the highest level, discuss her decision to retire in her prime years, and see what she has focused on since leaving the track. Whether you’re a fan of Burchell’s wanting an update or learning about her career for the first time, read on to find out exactly what this former elite sprinter is up to several years into retirement.

Early Career Rise

Remona Burchell, born in Jamaica in 1985, took up track and field at a young age and showed prodigious talent as a junior. She won medals at the World Youth and Junior Championships, foreshadowing future success.

Burchell made her first Jamaican World Championship team in 2007 at age 22. The following year she competed at her first Olympics in Beijing.

Though she didn’t medal individually, Burchell was part of Jamaica’s 4x100m relay:

  • 2007: Won silver at World Champs in 4x100m relay
  • 2008: Won Olympic gold in 4x100m relay in Beijing

This kicked off a period where Burchell became a reliable member of Jamaica’s relay squads at major meets. She also progressed individually.

Early Career Highlights:

2007World Champs 4x100m silver
2008Olympic 4x100m gold
2009World Champs 100m semifinalist

Though partly overshadowed by teammates like Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce and Kerron Stewart, Remona Burchell was establishing herself on the global stage.

Prime Years and Final Olympics

In the early 2010s, Remona Burchell hit her stride and peaked as an elite sprinter. She put together some of the best individual and relay performances of her career.

Her success during this period included:

  • 2011 World Champs 4x100m gold
  • 2012 Olympics 4x100m gold
  • 2014 Commonwealth Games 4x100m silver
  • 2015 World Relays 4x100m gold
  • 2016 Olympics 4x100m gold

Burchell was a fixture of Jamaica’s dominant 4x100m relay teams, winning gold at the 2012 London Games and 2016 Rio Games. She also recorded personal bests of 11.14 in the 100m and 22.82 in the 200m during her prime.

Remona Burchell’s Medal Tally:

OlympicsWorld ChampsCommonwealth Games
2 gold1 gold, 1 silver1 silver

While she never reached an individual 100m final at a global championship, Burchell maximized her talents and was part of several successful Jamaican relay teams.

Retirement in Her Prime

Remona Burchell’s last major meet was the 2016 Rio Olympics, where she won her second straight 4x100m gold medal. Surprisingly, she announced her retirement not long after at just 31 years old.

Burchell was still in her prime years with her retirement. But she cited wanting to pursue other personal and professional passions away from the track.

In interviews, Burchell suggested several factors in her decision to retire early:

  • Wanted to exit on a high after Rio relay gold
  • Had business ventures she wanted to focus on
  • Felt ready to move to next chapter in life
  • Chance to go out with her health intact

Though unexpected, Burchell’s choice to leave the sport on top allowed her to look back positively at all she had achieved. She exited with an impressive medal collection.

Burchell’s Age at Retirement:

  • 2 Olympic gold medals by age 31
  • 5 World/Olympic relay medals total
  • Retired in 2016 before decline phase

Unlike many athletes, Burchell managed to retire 100% on her own terms while still successful.

Life After Track and Field

Since announcing her retirement over five years ago now, Remona Burchell has stayed busy with a variety of projects and interests outside the world of sprinting.

Some of the things Burchell has focused on in retirement include:

  • Getting married and starting a family
  • Earning a Master’s degree in Business Administration
  • Starting a social media consulting business
  • Engaging in motivational speaking

Burchell also uses her platform to promote community initiatives and mentor youth in Jamaica. She aims to provide opportunities for the next generation to dream big.

While Burchell is no longer competing, she appears fulfilled putting her drive and determination into new challenges. She also seems happy staying involved with track and field through coaching and engaging with fans.

Burchell’s Life at a Glance:

  • Got married and had 2 children after retiring
  • Earned an MBA degree
  • Runs a digital marketing agency called Socialites Ja
  • Stayed involved in track via Youth camp coaching

Burchell has certainly kept active in the years since her surprising but timely decision to leave the sport.


In summary, Remona Burchell achieved great success during her sprinting career, winning Olympic and World medals while representing Jamaica. She peaked in the early 2010s before retiring relatively early at just 31 years old. But Burchell exited the sport on her own terms, with her health intact, and a desire to pursue new endeavors. Since retiring, she has focused on family life, education, business ventures, speaking engagements, and coaching youth. Burchell appears fulfilled dedicating her energy into new passions outside of athletics. While her running career was short, she maximized her ability and now continues inspiring others in retirement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What events did Remona Burchell compete in?

Remona Burchell competed in the 100m, 200m, and 4x100m relay events primarily.

What were some of Burchell’s biggest accomplishments?

Some of her top accomplishments were winning Olympic 4x100m gold in 2008 and 2012 plus taking 4x100m gold at the 2011 World Championships.

How many Olympics did Remona Burchell compete at?

Burchell competed at two Olympics, in 2008 Beijing and 2012 London, garnering relay gold medals at both.

Did Remona Burchell win any individual global medals?

No, her global medals were all in the 4x100m relay, although she reached individual event finals.

Why did Remona Burchell retire at a relatively young age?

She retired in her early 30s to pursue business interests, start a family, and leave the sport on a winning note.

What World Championships medals did Burchell win?

She won one World Championship gold in the 4x100m (2011) and a World Champs silver in the same event (2007).

How many total relay medals did Remona Burchell win?

Burchell won a total of five global relay medals including Worlds, Olympics, and Commonwealth Games.

How old was Remona Burchell when she retired in 2016?

Burchell was 31 years old when she announced her retirement from track and field in 2016.

What is Remona Burchell doing now in her retirement?

She is a businesswoman, mother of two children, motivational speaker, and involved in coaching youth track.

What business ventures has Burchell pursued?

She started Socialites Ja, a digital marketing and social media consultancy agency. She also has real estate investments.

Does Remona Burchell have social media accounts?

Yes, she is active on Instagram at @remonaburchell with over 50,000 followers.

Where does Remona Burchell currently live?

She resides in the Parish of Saint Catherine in her native Jamaica.

What education has Burchell pursued after retiring as an athlete?

She completed a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) degree after retiring from track and field.

Who was Remona Burchell’s coach during her track career?

Her longtime coach through her retirement was Venezuelan José Rubio.

How has Burchell stayed involved in track after retiring?

She participates in some coaching activities and track camps for Jamaican youth to give back to the next generation.

Did Remona Burchell remain involved with her Jamaican teammates after retiring?

Yes, she has stayed close with fellow retired teammates like Veronica Campbell-Brown.

How has Burchell impacted Jamaican sprinting?

She was part of Jamaica’s golden era of female sprinting success in the late 2000s through the 2010s.

What advice has Burchell given for active athletes transitioning to retirement?

She advises having plans and passions ready for after sport so the adjustment is smooth.

What motivational speaking does Burchell engage in?

She gives speeches and seminars aimed at empowering Jamaican girls and female entrepreneurs.

How does Burchell balance family life and other ventures?

Burchell is intentional about devoting quality time to her husband and young kids despite her busy schedule.

What legacy did Remona Burchell leave in the sport?

She showed perseverance, maximized her talent, and was part of Jamaica’s acclaimed relay dynasty.

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