What is Richard Wilson Doing Now (January 2024)

Richard Wilson is a beloved Scottish actor with an extensive resume across television, film, and theater. He is best known for portraying the eccentric curmudgeon Victor Mel drew in the hit 1990s BBC sitcom One Foot in the Grave.

With his comedic talent and versatility as a character actor, what projects has Wilson worked on since his One Foot in the Grave heyday? This article will get you caught up on everything the prolific Richard Wilson has going on now.

Richard Wilson’s Recent TV Roles

Though semi-retired now, Wilson has continued taking selective television roles over the last decade:

Gaius in Merlin

Wilson played the wise old court sorcerer Gaius in the popular BBC fantasy series Merlin from 2008 to 2012. As a mentor to the young wizard Merlin, Wilson added warmth and humor to the show.

Table: Richard Wilson’s Seasons on Merlin

Season 1200813 episodes
Season 2200913 episodes
Season 3201013 episodes
Season 4201113 episodes
Season 5201213 episodes

Fans across generations enjoyed seeing Wilson use his talent in a new genre.

Mr. Feather stone in Agatha Raisin

Wilson appeared as eccentric old villager Mr. Feather stone in Acorn TV’s Agatha Raisin from 2014 to 2019 opposite Ashley Jensen’s amateur sleuth. The show allowed Wilson to return to broad comedy.

Richard Wilson’s Stage Work

Though no longer taking on lead roles, Wilson remains connected to theater, where he first made his mark:


Wilson has worked as a director on productions like the UK tour of Calendar Girls in 2019 and new plays such as A World Elsewhere in 2018.


In 2021, Wilson narrated a production of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time at Troubadour Wembley Park Theatre, adding his iconic voice to the show.

Quick Facts About Richard Wilson

  • Full Name: Richard Wilson OBE
  • Born: July 9, 1936, in Greenback, Scotland (age 86)
  • Partner: Marguerite Porter (retired teacher, partner since the 1960s)
  • Best Known For: Victor Mel drew on One Foot in the Grave
  • First TV Role: Airport Chaplain in Thirty Minute Theatre (1961)
  • Knighted: Received a Knighthood in 2016 for services to drama and charity

What is Richard Wilson Doing Now in 2023?

Now in his mid-80s, Richard Wilson continues to work occasionally while enjoying a peaceful retirement:

  • Making select convention and festival appearances to interact with fans
  • Supporting charities focused on elderly welfare and animal rescue
  • Advocating for dementia research after friends faced the disease
  • Voicing audiobook narrations
  • Gardening, reading, walking, and pursuing other hobbies at his home in Hempstead

While unlikely to take on major new acting roles, Wilson remains cherished by the public and industry colleagues alike. Fans continue appreciating his decades of entertainment.


With his iconic hair and nose, amusing stories, and gracious spirit, Richard Wilson cemented his place in British pop culture through the enduring success of shows like One Foot in the Grave. While now comfortably in retirement, Wilson’s contributions across comedy, drama, and musical theater demonstrate his wide-ranging talents.

Always valuing quality over quantity when selecting roles, Wilson prefers enjoying nature and quiet time rather than seeking more fame. But fans will forever remember him shouting “I don’t believe it!” as one of television’s all-time greatest grumpy old men, Victor Mel drew.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Richard Wilson from?

Richard Wilson was born in Greenback, Intercede, Scotland. He was raised as one of three siblings in a working class Scottish family.

What illness does R. Wilson have?

R. Wilson has hearing loss after decades in the entertainment industry. He now wears hearing aids but refuses a cochlear implant.

Is R. Wilson married?

No, R. Wilson has never officially married. He has been in a long term relationship with retired school teacher Marguerite Porter since the early 1960s. They met while working together in theater.

Does R. Wilson have children?

No, Richard Wilson does not have any biological or adopted children. He and his partner Marguerite never had kids, instead focusing on their careers and partnership.

Why did Richard Wilson stop acting?

In 2007 at age 71 and following decades of prolific acting, Richard Wilson chose to begin slowing down and take on fewer roles, though he has not fully retired. He suffered a heart attack in 2016 which influenced limiting his schedule.

What was Richard Wilson’s last role?

Richard Wilson’s most recent on-screen acting role was Mr. Feather stone in the Acorn TV series Agatha Raisin in 2019. He also narrated an audiobook in 2021.

What is Richard Wilson best known for?

Without a doubt, Richard Wilson is best known globally for portraying the grumpy, cynical Victor Mel drew for 6 seasons of the BBC sitcom One Foot in the Grave from 1990 to 2000.

How old is Richard Wilson?

As of 2023, Richard Wilson is 86 years old. His date of birth is July 9, 1936.

Is R. Wilson knighted?

Yes, in honor of his entertainment career achievements and charity work, R. Wilson was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 2016, formally becoming a Knight Bachelor.

What shows has R. Wilson been on?

Some of the most popular shows R. Wilson has acted in are One Foot in the Grave, Yes Minister, Doctor Who, Merlin, and Coupling in addition to British theater.

Is Richard Wilson still alive?

Yes, Richard Wilson is still alive and living in London as of 2023. Though semi-retired now, the 86-year-old legendary Scottish actor still makes occasional convention and charity appearances.

What awards has R. Wilson won?

R. Wilson has won many BAFTA TV Awards, British Comedy Awards, Broadcasting Press Guild Awards, and a National Television Award and Special Recognition Award.

Is R. Wilson on Twitter?

No, R. Wilson does not currently have a Twitter account. He has stayed away from social media late in his career to focus on charity work and limit public attention.

What is Richard Wilson’s net worth?

Estimates of Richard Wilson’s net worth vary widely, but are generally believed to be between $7 million to $12 million, primarily accumulated during his high paid sitcom years.

Where does Richard Wilson live now?

Richard Wilson has long been based in North London. He lives with his partner Marguerite Porter in Hempstead, known as one of the city’s affluent neighborhoods.

What accent does Richard Wilson have?

R. Wilson has a polished Scottish accent from growing up near Glasgow. He retained his natural accent for most roles, like Victor Mel drew in One Foot in the Grave.

Is R. Wilson related to Robin Williams?

No, R. Wilson the Scottish actor has no relation to late comedian Robin Williams despite their shared first name and profession. They were completely unrelated.

How tall is Richard Wilson?

Richard Wilson’s height is 5 feet 9 inches or 175 centimeters tall. His average height and build allowed him to blend into diverse character roles.

Will R. Wilson make any more TV appearances?

While semi-retired, R. Wilson does occasionally still lend his voice to narrations and makes cameos at fan conventions, but major new acting roles are unlikely as he enjoys quiet time focusing on charities.

What did R. Wilson study at university?

R. Wilson attended the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, where he studied alongside contemporaries like Sean Connery. He graduated in 1957 then began his acting career.

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