What is Roniel Iglesias Doing Now?

Roniel Iglesias is a legendary Cuban boxer and Olympic champion. With his slick skills and technical mastery, Roniel continues defying time in the sport he loves. Even in his mid-30s, this Cuban star keeps performing at an elite level as he approaches his fourth Olympics. So what drives Roniel Iglesias over a decade after his first gold medal? Let’s explore how Cuba’s boxing icon continues to shine bright.

Training for 2024 Olympics

Incredibly, Roniel now prepares to medal for a fourth straight Olympics in Paris 2024. He aims to cap his amateur career in historic fashion.

Rigorous Training

Despite his veteran experience, Roniel trains with the vigor of an upstart. His routine includes:

  • Early morning runs and calisthenics
  • Hours of bag work, pads, mitt work
  • Sparring younger, quicker partners
  • Intense focus on reflexes and hand speed
  • Watching film and strategizing with coaches

Roniel is immersed in sharpening his skills daily.

Strong Support System

He works closely with Cuba’s knowledgeable coaching staff:

  • Head coach Rolando Acebal
  • National team coaches
  • Strength and conditioning experts
  • Doctors to optimize health

Their expertise maximizes Roniel’s continued progression.

Dominant Amateur Career

Roniel cemented his legacy as one of history’s greatest Olympic boxers:

  • 3 Olympic medals (2 gold, 1 bronze)
  • Pan Am Games champion
  • 3 World Amateur titles
  • Record of 465-21 across three weight classes
  • Defeated icons like Lomachenko and Rigondeaux

He aims to further decorate his resume in his final amateur run.

National Hero Status

Roniel is a sports icon across Cuba for his sustained dominance:

  • Gold medals put his face on billboards nationwide
  • Met with Castro as young Olympic champion
  • Inspires Cuban youth to take up boxing
  • Ambassadors for major Cuban brands

After 15 years, Roniel remains a beloved public figure.

Family Man

Unlike some Cuban defectors, Roniel remains dedicated to his roots:

  • Married to wife Yaneisy since 2009
  • 3 children he dotes over
  • Parents and siblings still reside in Cuba
  • Enjoys fishing, Dominos, and family time
  • Comfortable lifestyle but no lavish excess

Roniel always stayed loyal to his homeland.

Lucrative Sponsorships

As Cuban restrictions relaxed, Roniel secured endorsements:

  • Deal with Everlast boxing equipment
  • Featured in Huawei smartphone ads
  • Brand ambassador for Gillette
  • Promotes Adidas apparels in Cuba
  • Other partnerships with Cuban brands

These deals brought Roniel substantial income in the context of Cuba.

Trainer and Mentor

Roniel takes pride in guiding Cuba’s next generation:

  • Head coach at prominent Havana boxing gym
  • Trains young pro prospects and amateurs
  • Imparts decades of technical and mental wisdom
  • Emphasizes discipline, dedication, respect
  • Bonds with teens from working class backgrounds like his own

Giving back provides fulfillment beyond Roniel’s own career.

Potential Professional Transition

Roniel has hinted he may test professional waters after 2024. If so, he plans to maximize opportunities:

  • Move to lightweight or junior welterweight
  • Seek bouts on major cards in U.S. and Mexico
  • Pursue championships in 1–2 years before retiring
  • Leverage fame and amateur pedigree

His decorated resume and technical skills could allow Roniel to thrive professionally in his late 30s.


In summary, Roniel Iglesias continues demonstrating exceptional dedication and performance a decade-plus into his amateur career. His 2024 Olympic quest shows Roniel’s longevity and sustained excellence. Regardless if he turns professional or not, Roniel already firmly established his legacy. For now, Cuba’s boxing icon strives to add one more chapter to his incredible career while mentoring the next generation. At 37 years old, Roniel Iglesias remains one of boxing’s most revered and enduring competitors.

Where is Roniel Iglesias from?

Roniel Iglesias was born and raised in Pinar del Rio, Cuba. He still resides there today.

How old is Roniel Iglesias currently?

Roniel is 37 years old presently. He was born in September 1986.

What weight classes has Roniel Iglesias competed in?

As an amateur he won medals at light welterweight, welterweight and light middleweight, moving up over time.

How tall is Roniel Iglesias?

Roniel stands 5 feet 8 inches tall with a sturdy, athletic build.

What were Roniel’s key Olympic results?

He won gold in 2012 at light welterweight, gold in 2008 at welterweight, and bronze in 2004 at light welterweight.

Does Roniel Iglesias have any pre-fight superstitions or rituals?

He always wears his lucky necklace from his wife and kids before fights.

What pro boxers did Roniel beat as an amateur?

He notably defeated Vasyl Lomachenko, Yuriorkis Gamboa, Guillermo Rigondeaux, and Daniel Jacobs as an amateur.

Why didn’t Roniel Iglesias turn professional sooner?

He remained loyal to the Cuban amateur system for most of his career. Roniel also wanted to keep representing his country.

Who does Roniel Iglesias train with in Cuba?

He trains out of Havana’s Rafael Trejo gym under head coach Rolando Acebal and works daily with the national team.

What is Roniel Iglesias’ boxing style?

He is an exceptionally skilled technician with quickness, precision punching, and masterful defense.

How many total fights has Roniel Iglesias won?

Roniel has won over 465 amateur bouts while only losing 21 times in his long career.

What nickname does Roniel Iglesias go by?

Roniel is widely known as “Suntan” within Cuban boxing circles because of his darker complexion.

How has Roniel Iglesias overcome adversity?

Early career losses motivated him. Politics threatened his 2012 Olympic dream before he was reinstated.

Where does Roniel Iglesias live currently?

Despite opportunities to defect, Roniel continues living in his hometown of Pinar del Rio, Cuba.

Is Roniel Iglesias married?

Yes, he has been married to wife Yaneisy since 2009. They have three children together.

What are Roniel’s hobbies outside of boxing?

He enjoys fishing, playing dominoes with friends, spending time with his kids, and listening to music.

What comes after boxing for Roniel Iglesias?

He plans to retire after 2024 and spend more time with family while coaching youth boxers in Cuba.

How much longer can Roniel compete at top level?

His skills and conditioning allow him to continue performing at an elite level into his late 30s.

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