What is Sarah Alexander Doing Now?

Sarah Alexander is an English actress best known for her roles in shows like coupling, Green Wing, and Jonathan Creek. She rose to fame in the 2000s with her comedy work and went on to establish herself as one of the UK’s top supporting actresses.

So what is Sarah Alexander up to now in 2023? Though she keeps a relatively low profile, the talented actress remains active in television and theatre.

Sarah Alexander’s Recent TV Projects

Though not necessarily in leading parts, Sarah Alexander continues taking on key television roles:

  • 2022 – Appeared in episodes of Magpie Murders and The Larking.
  • 2021 – Played a recurring role in the detective drama McDonald & Dodds.
  • 2019 – Cast as a series regular in the sitcom In My Skin.
  • 2018 – Appeared in the miniseries Press and starring role in the TV film King Bert.

She continues selectively choosing interesting supporting parts in British series.

Sarah Alexander’s Comedy Background

Alexander is best known for her comedy work early in her career:

  • Coupling (2000-2004) – Played Susan Walker in all four seasons.
  • Green Wing (2004-2006) – Portrayed Dr. Angela Hunter.
  • The Worst Week of My Life (2004-2006) – Lead role of Nicola.
  • Marley’s Ghosts (2015-2018) – Starred opposite John Hannah.

Her wit and versatility established her as a top comedic actress.

Sarah Alexander’s Drama Work

In addition to comedy, Alexander has taken on key drama roles:

  • Doctor Who (2008) – Played main role of Miss Foster.
  • Psychoville Halloween special (2011) – Appeared as Ivana.
  • The Ark (2015) – Portrayed Felicity.
  • The Widower (2014) – Played first wife Claire in this miniseries.

She continues balancing drama and comedy parts.

Sarah Alexander’s Theatre Career

Alexander returns to the stage frequently:

  • 2018 – Appeared in Home I’m Darling at Theater Clyde and National Theatre.
  • 2015 – Performed in City of Angels at the Don mar Warehouse.
  • 2013 – Starred in Yes, Prime Minister in the West End.
  • 2005 – Earned Olivier nomination for her role in The Philanthropist.

She enjoys returning to live performing between TV and film roles.

Sarah Alexander’s Background and Personal Life

  • Born January 3, 1971, in London, England.
  • Graduated from Needham College, Cambridge with an English degree.
  • Married Peter Serafinowicz in 2001, divorced in 2016. They have one son.
  • Generally keeps her private life out of the spotlight.
  • Enjoys activities like yoga, travel, and spending time with family.

She continues residing primarily in London.

Sarah Alexander’s Net Worth

While her current net worth is unknown, according to available reports, Sarah Alexander likely has an estimated net worth of around £5 million British pounds. Her wealth comes from her over 25-year acting career.


To summarize, while she keeps a lower profile lately, Sarah Alexander remains active in British television and theatre. She continues showcasing her impeccable comedy skills and versatility in various supporting parts. With decades of impressive credits to her name, Alexander remains regarded as one of the UK’s most talented character actresses.

What is Sarah Alexander best known for?

Sarah Alexander is likely best known for playing Susan Walker on the sitcom Coupling from 2000-2004. Her role as Susan helped make her a household name in British comedy.

What was Sarah Alexander’s first acting role?

One of Sarah Alexander’s earliest acting credits was a small role in an episode of the series Meaningful Sex in 1994 while she was still a student at Cambridge. Her career then progressed steadily in British TV.

What shows has Sarah Alexander appeared in?

Some of Sarah Alexander’s major TV credits include coupling, Green Wing, The Worst Week of My Life, Jonathan Creek, Marley’s Ghosts, Doctor Who, and Psychoville. She often takes on comedic supporting parts.

What films has Sarah Alexander been in?

While primarily a TV actress, some of Sarah Alexander’s film credits include Stardust (2007), The Boat That Rocked (2009), Burke and Hare (2010), and Les Misérables (2012).

Where is Sarah Alexander from?

Sarah Alexander was born in London, England, and grew up in nearby Richmond. She has lived in London for most of her life and career.

Who is Sarah Alexander married to?

Sarah Alexander was married to actor and comedian Peter Serafinowicz from 2001-2016. The former couple has one son together. Alexander generally stays mum about her private life.

How old is Sarah Alexander?

Having been born on January 3, 1971, Sarah Alexander is currently 52 years old as of 2023.

How tall is Sarah Alexander?

Sarah Alexander’s height is reported to be 5 feet 4 inches, or approximately 163 cm.

What is Sarah Alexander’s net worth?

While unconfirmed, Sarah Alexander likely has an estimated net worth of £5 million British pounds according to available reports as of 2023. Her net worth comes from her long acting career.

Is Sarah Alexander on social media?

No, Sarah Alexander does not seem to have any public social media accounts. She maintains a relatively low profile online when not promoting her latest project.

What is Sarah Alexander’s next project?

While her next project is unknown, Sarah Alexander continues to take on comedic and dramatic supporting roles in various British television series. Fans can expect to see her pop up on their screens soon.

How did Sarah Alexander get her big break?

Sarah Alexander’s big break was being cast as Susan Walker on the sitcom Coupling in 2000. The hit show propelled her to wider fame and led to more prominent television roles.

Where does Sarah Alexander live now?

Sarah Alexander has long been based in London, England. She has a residence in the affluent Primrose Hill area of North London.

Has Sarah Alexander won any awards?

Sarah Alexander won the “Best TV Comedy Actress” award from the British Comedy Awards in 2001 for her work on coupling. She also has an Olivier Award nomination.

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