What is Shiri Appleby Doing Now?

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Shiri Appleby is an American actress and director best known for lead roles in popular television shows like Roswell, Life Unexpected and UnREAL. With her girl-next-door charm and natural acting talent, Appleby shone in numerous memorable characters across genres.

After almost 40 years in the entertainment industry, what is Shiri Appleby up to now in 2023? Let’s take a look at her recent projects and future plans across acting, directing and producing.

Shiri Appleby’s Recent Roles and Projects

Even after decades in Hollywood, Appleby remains very active and busy with a variety of acting and behind-the-camera roles.

Recent TV Shows

Some of Shiri Appleby’s notable TV acting roles in the last few years include:

  • Echoes (2022) – Appleby plays twin sisters Leni and Gina in this Netflix mystery thriller miniseries. She also directed two episodes.
  • Devils (2021) – She had a recurring role on this finance-thriller drama series as NYL bank executive Caroline Newbury.
  • A Million Little Things (2020) – Appleby guest starred on an episode of this ABC ensemble drama.
  • Lizzy McGuire (2020) – She reprised her role as Kate Sanders from the original series in a planned reboot episode.
  • The Morning Show (2019) – Appeared as network executive Willa in this Apple TV+ series starring Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon.

Directing and Producing

In addition to acting, Appleby has been actively directing and producing shows in recent years:

  • Directed multiple episodes of EchoesOn My BlockA Million Little ThingsGood Trouble and other series.
  • Executive producer on Facebook Watch series Five Points (2018) and Lifetime’s UnREAL (2015-2018).
  • Co-produced indie movies such as The Wedding Invitation (2021) and Swimfan (2002).

Other Recent Projects

  • Launched production company Aftertaste Studios in 2019 with producing partner Rachel Goldberg.
  • Appeared in short films like The Devil’s Harmony (2021) and Carving Independence (2020).
  • Featured in ad campaigns for brands like Old Navy, 7 For All Mankind, Coca-Cola and Mercedes-Benz.

Shiri Appleby’s Upcoming Projects

The versatile Shiri Appleby has some exciting projects on the horizon for 2023 and beyond:

Dark Kristine

  • Appleby is set to star as the titular character in the thriller series Dark Kristine produced by Blumhouse Television.
  • She plays a popular self-help guru who exerts dark influence on her followers.
  • The show has been ordered to pilot at HBO Max.

More Directing

  • Will make her feature film directorial debut with the Lifetime movie Santa Bootcamp starring Rita Moreno.
  • Set to direct upcoming episodes of ABC series The Rookie: Feds and Freeform’s Good Trouble.

New Movies

  • Appleby will co-star with Emile Hirsch in the indie feature film Decibel about a psychic helping a grieving widower.
  • Cast in a supporting role in the thriller movie Housewife alongside Clementine star Yifei Liu.

Production Company Projects

  • Developing various new series under Aftertaste Studios banner, including book adaptations.
  • Optioned rights to produce TV adaptation of Kathleen Barber’s novels Are You Sleeping? and Follow Me.

Background on Shiri Appleby’s Acting and Directing Career

Early Life and Career

  • Born in California in 1978 and started acting as a child.
  • Landed her first big role at age 10 in the Disney made-for-TV movie Perfect Harmony.
  • Appeared in shows like ThirtysomethingSanta Barbara and Doogie Howser M.D. as a teen.

Breakout Role on Roswell

  • Rose to fame as Liz Parker on sci-fi drama Roswell from 1999 to 2002.
  • Her performance as the human falling for an alien resonated strongly with young viewers.
  • Earned Teen Choice Award nominations.

Movie and Indie Roles

  • Starred in cult movies like Swimfan (2002) and A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010 remake).
  • Acted in indie films such as When Do We Eat? (2005) and XX/XY (2002).

Directing Shift

  • Made her directorial debut on Roswell in 2002, helming multiple episodes.
  • Has since directed shows like Private PracticeChicago FireJessie and others.
  • Founded Aftertaste Studios production company in 2019.

So through almost 40 years in entertainment, Appleby has smoothly transitioned from child actor to leading lady to director/producer.

The Directing Talents of Shiri Appleby

While known for her acting, Shiri Appleby has emerged as an accomplished director in recent years:

Some Notable Directing Credits

What About Brian12007
Private Practice122011-2013

Standout Directing Skills

  • Strong visual style and shot framing.
  • Ability to draw nuanced performances out of actors.
  • Deft hand at handling emotional, dramatic storylines.
  • Facilitates smooth pacing and tonal consistency in episodes.
  • Proficiency directing multiple fictional genres from drama to comedy.
  • Knows how to meet production demands thanks to acting experience.

Upcoming Directing Plans

  • Set to direct upcoming episodes of shows like The Rookie: Feds and Good Trouble.
  • Will make feature film directorial debut with Lifetime movie Santa Bootcamp.
  • Looks to direct more high-profile episodic and indie film projects.

So whether behind or in front of the camera, it is clear that Shiri Appleby boasts impressive talents on screens both big and small.

Why Audiences Relate to Shiri Appleby

Over her prolific career, Shiri Appleby has shown she can create characters that viewers deeply connect with and invest in emotionally. What makes her so relatable?

Expressive Acting

Appleby’s naturally expressive nature allows audiences to read every emotion on her characters’ faces. Her reactions draw viewers in.


She excels at portraying vulnerability in characters, whether it’s Liz’s angst on Roswell or Rachel’s insecurities on UnREAL.

Intelligence and Wit

Appleby infuses even her lighter characters with perceptiveness and intellectual depth.

Romantic Chemistry

In shows like Roswell, Shiri created electric romantic connections with her costars that engaged audiences.

Imperfect Characters

Many of Appleby’s memorable roles are flawed characters trying to overcome self-doubt. Their struggles feel authentic.

Comedic Abilities

In shows like Lizzy McGuire, Appleby displayed sharp comedic skills with her timing and delivery.

Underdog Appeal

She shone playing the underdog in early roles like Liz Parker on Roswell – an archetype viewers love to root for.

So whether in sci-fi, comedy or drama, Shiri Appleby wins over audiences through sheer relatability.

Analyzing Shiri Appleby’s Lasting Success

After close to 40 years in Hollywood, what enabled Shiri Appleby to transition so smoothly from child actor to successful adult performer?

Strong Work Ethic

Shiri earned a reputation early on for utmost professionalism and preparedness on sets. She approaches even minor roles with dedication.

Diverse Roles

Appleby actively avoided typecasting from the start by diversifying into indie films, various genres, and comedic projects.

Behind the Scenes Transition

When acting roles slowed down, Appleby proactively shifted focus to directing and producing. This extended her career.

Artistic Growth

Shiri continues to challenge herself creatively through eclectic directing gigs, production company endeavors, and other avenues.

Voice for Women

Through Aftertaste Studios, Appleby looks to tell compelling women-driven stories from unique perspectives.


She has shown a willingness to reinvent herself, evident through transformational roles in UnREAL and Echoes.

Personal Maturity

Shiri’s early experience and natural poise enabled an easy transition into more mature adult roles.

So through determination and creative evolution, Appleby has remained relevant across changing tastes and trends.

Shiri Appleby: Looking Ahead

As she looks to the future, what potential new directions lie ahead for Shiri Appleby’s multifaceted career?

Prestige Directing

With more high-profile directing gigs, Appleby could soon breakthrough into helming big streaming or network projects.

Comedy Transition

Her comedic chops could open doors to directing sitcoms and comedy films.

Production Company Growth

Aftertaste Studios will likely option more books for adaptation and sell original series to networks.

Potential Emmy Attention

Her roles on UnREAL and Echoes put Appleby on the cusp of finally receiving her overdue first Emmy nomination.

Behind the Camera Leadership

Appleby will take on more leadership producer and director responsibilities through Aftertaste Studios.

Feature Films

Between starring and directing roles, Appleby may make her way back to film after years focused on TV.

Genre Diversity

Whether acting, directing or producing, Appleby will continue working across fictional genres from dark thrillers to heartfelt comedies.


For almost four remarkable decades, Shiri Appleby has showcased impressive longevity and evolution across acting, directing and producing. Her innate relatability as a performer serves as the core of her widespread appeal.

Upcoming projects like directing Lifetime’s Santa Bootcamp and developing series under Aftertaste Studios will provide exciting new challenges and opportunities. Given her passion for storytelling, there is certainly much more to come from this multitalented creator both in front of and behind the camera in future years.

While her contributions are sometimes overlooked, it’s clear that Shiri Appleby remains one of Hollywood’s most creative and prolific multihyphenates.

Frequently Asked Questions about Shiri Appleby

What character is Shiri Appleby best known for?

Shiri Appleby is best known for playing Liz Parker on the sci-fi series Roswell from 1999-2002. The role of the human falling for an alien made her a household name.

What major roles has Shiri Appleby had in her career?

Some of Appleby’s most notable roles were as Liz on Roswell, Rachel on UnREAL, Cate on Life Unexpected, and currently playing twin sisters on Echoes.

What shows and movies has Shiri Appleby directed?

Appleby has directed episodes of many shows like Roswell, Private Practice, Chicago Fire, UnREAL and Echoes. Her feature directorial debut will be Lifetime’s Santa Bootcamp.

How old was Shiri Appleby when she began acting?

Shiri Appleby landed her first major acting role at age 10 in the 1988 Disney TV movie Perfect Harmony. She started acting professionally as a child in the late 1980s.

Where is Shiri Appleby from?

Shiri Appleby was born in California in 1978. She was raised in Calabasas in the Los Angeles area before pursuing an acting career.

What awards and nominations has Shiri Appleby received?

Shiri Appleby has been nominated for three Teen Choice Awards for her role on Roswell. She also earned a Daytime Emmy nomination for Santa Barbara as a teen.

What are some of Shiri Appleby’s recent acting projects?

Some of Appleby’s most recent acting credits are leads roles in the Netflix series Echoes in 2022 and Devil in 2021. She also appeared in The Morning Show in 2019.

Is Shiri Appleby married?

Yes, Shiri Appleby has been married to celebrity chef Jon Shook since 2013. They have two children together – son Owen and daughter Natalie.

What is Shiri Appleby’s production company?

In 2019, Appleby launched the production company Aftertaste Studios alongside producing partner Rachel Goldberg. It focuses on telling female-driven stories.

How many episodes of Roswell did Shiri Appleby direct?

Shiri Appleby directed five episodes of Roswell between 2002-2003, making her directorial debut on the same show that made her famous as an actress.

How old was Shiri Appleby when she got her big break?

Shiri Appleby was around 20 years old in 1999 when she got her big break being cast as the lead Liz Parker on The WB’s sci-fi series Roswell.

What new projects does Shiri Appleby have coming up?

Appleby has a new HBO Max pilot called Dark Kristine in the works. She is also directing episodes of The Rookie: Feds and Good Trouble, along with the Lifetime movie Santa Bootcamp.

What is Shiri Appleby’s net worth?

According to multiple reports, Shiri Appleby’s estimated net worth is around $5 million as of 2022.

Where does Shiri Appleby live?

Shiri Appleby currently resides in the Los Angeles area with her family. She originally hails from Calabasas, California.

What social media platforms is Shiri Appleby on?

Shiri Appleby is active on Instagram under @shiriappleby with around 400K followers. She uses the platform to share updates from her career and personal life.

What are some of Shiri Appleby’s hobbies and interests?

Outside of acting and directing, Appleby enjoys cooking, yoga, meditation, traveling, and spending time with her family. She is actively involved in charity organizations.

What is next in Shiri Appleby’s career?

Appleby is set to star in upcoming shows like Dark Kristine while directing high-profile projects like Santa Bootcamp. She continues to stay busy acting, directing and producing TV series and films.

At what age did Shiri Appleby retire from acting?

Now 44 years old, Shiri Appleby has not retired from acting. She continues to take on lead acting roles while also increasingly focusing on directing and producing projects.

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