What is Sullivan Stapleton Doing Now?

Australian actor Sullivan Stapleton became known worldwide for his breakout role as Damien Scott on the hit Cine max series Strike Back. After starring on the action show from 2011 to 2015, Stapleton went on to roles in movies like 300: Rise of an Empire and Blind spotting. Now nearing his mid-40s, what projects is this charismatic action star working on in 2023 and beyond?

Current Film Projects

Sullivan Stapleton has two major feature films hitting theaters in 2023:


Stapleton joins Lily Collins, Simon Pegg, and Connie Nielsen in this thriller about a political dynasty rocked by scandal. He plays a longtime friend of the central family. Inheritance is awaiting a theatrical release date.


In this action movie, Stapleton stars opposite Jai Courtney as a former special forces operative battling a criminal syndicate. Transfusion wrapped shooting in 2021 and is expected in theaters in late 2023.

Upcoming Television Roles

On the small screen, Sullivan Stapleton has shifted focus to more serialized television projects:

  • Suspicion – Stapleton joined the ensemble cast of this AppleTV+ crime drama in 2022 as agent Scott Anderson for the show’s first season.
  • The Pantsuit Project – He is attached to star as a political operative in this series for HBO Max. It remains in development.
  • The Three-Body Problem – Stapleton will have a supporting role in Netflix’s upcoming adaptation of the sci-fi novel trilogy by Liu Cixin.

Potential Strike Back Return?

Given his long history with the show, Sullivan Stapleton could potentially reprise his role as Damien Scott on Strike Back in the future if Cine max opts to revive the franchise.

Personal Life and Other Pursuits

When not acting, Stapleton focuses time on his wife and two children in Los Angeles. He also co-owns a production company called January Films, which has projects in development with NBCUniversal.

Active on social media, Stapleton shares glimpses of family life along with discussions of soccer fandom, mental health advocacy, and his Australian upbringing. He holds dual US and Australian citizenship.

Philanthropy and Activism

Some of the causes and organizations supported by Sullivan Stapleton include:

  • The Australian Childhood Foundation
  • The Headstrong Project for PTSD support
  • Charity:Water clean water campaigns
  • Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors

Stapleton often advocates for military veterans in honor of Strike Back’s fan base and his close relationships with former special forces soldiers.


While no longer the action hero front and center as he was during Strike Back’s run, Sullivan Stapleton remains a versatile talent, taking on exciting new projects. As he enters the next decade of his career, expect a balance of supporting film roles along with selective ensembles and lead parts in compelling television series. With charisma to spare, this Australian star has plenty left to show audiences in the years ahead.

What is Sullivan Stapleton best known for?

Sullivan Stapleton is best known for playing Sgt. Damien Scott on the Cine max action series Strike Back from 2011 to 2015. This was his breakout leading role.

Is Sullivan Stapleton Australian?

Yes, Sullivan Stapleton was born in Melbourne, Australia and has dual Australian-American citizenship. He moved to Los Angeles in 2010 to pursue his acting career.

What upcoming projects does Sullivan Stapleton have?

Sullivan Stapleton’s upcoming projects include the films Inheritance and Transfusion. He also has roles in the shows Suspicion, The Pantsuit Project, and The Three-Body Problem.

How did Sullivan Stapleton get injured on Strike Back?

In 2013, while filming Strike Back, Sullivan Stapleton suffered a serious head injury in a tuk-tuk accident in Thailand. He recovered after six months and returned to the show.

Is Sullivan Stapleton married?

Yes, Sullivan Stapleton has been married to actress Jaime Murray since 2007. They have two children together and reside in Los Angeles.

Does Sullivan Stapleton have social media?

Yes, Sullivan Stapleton is active on Instagram with over 300k followers at @sullivanstapleton. He does not appear to have Twitter, Facebook or other social media.

What was Sullivan Stapleton’s first acting role?

Sullivan Stapleton’s first on screen role was in 1994 at age 16, with a bit part in the Australian soap opera Neighbors. His first major role came in 1998 on television series Murder Call.

How tall is Sullivan Stapleton?

Sullivan Stapleton is 6 feet 1 inch (185 cm) tall. His athletic build and height contribute to his action hero persona.

What is Sullivan Stapleton’s net worth?

According to reports, Sullivan Stapleton’s net worth is approximately $3 million as of 2022. Most of his wealth comes from his longtime starring role on Strike Back.

Where did Sullivan Stapleton study acting?

In Australia, Sullivan Stapleton studied at the prestigious National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA), graduating in 1997. Mel Gibson is another famous NIDA alum.

What was Sullivan Stapleton’s role in 300: Rise of an Empire?

In the 2014 film 300: Rise of an Empire, Sullivan Stapleton played the role of Athenian general Themistocles opposite Eva Green. This raised his profile in Hollywood.

Has Sullivan Stapleton been in any video games?

Yes, Sullivan Stapleton voiced and provided likeness for the character Maj. Keith in the 2011 video game Battlefield 3. He reprised the role in 2016’s Battlefield 1.

What theater work has Sullivan Stapleton done?

Sullivan Stapleton’s theater credits include roles in productions of As You Like It, The Glass Menagerie, and Les Misérables early in his career in Australia during the 1990s.

Does Sullivan Stapleton do his own stunts?

Yes, especially earlier in his career, Sullivan Stapleton performed many of his own stunts for action-heavy roles like Strike Back. However, insurance concerns limit this as actors get older.

Is Sullivan Stapleton on Instagram?

Yes, Sullivan Stapleton has an active Instagram account at @sullivanstapleton with over 300k followers. He uses the platform to give fans a glimpse into his family life and advocacy work.

What accent does Sullivan Stapleton use in Strike Back?

In Strike Back, Australian actor Sullivan Stapleton uses an American accent for his character Damien Scott, who is a U.S. Army Ranger sergeant.

How did Sullivan Stapleton get discovered as an actor?

Sullivan Stapleton’s acting talents were first discovered when he performed in a high school play at age 16. This led to him pursuing professional acting, first in Australia and later in Hollywood.

Will there be more Strike Back with Sullivan Stapleton?

As of now there are no plans for Sullivan Stapleton to return to Strike Back, though he could potentially reprise his Damien Scott role in a revival someday. The show ended its run in 2020 after seven seasons.

What shows has Sullivan Stapleton guest starred on?

Over the years, Sullivan Stapleton has had guest spots on TV shows like Blind spot, Animal Kingdom, Luck, The Slap, Satisfaction, and more in addition to his regular series roles.

Does Sullivan Stapleton identify as an action star?

While often cast in action roles, Sullivan Stapleton has said he hopes to avoid being stereotyped and demonstrate more range. But he understands Strike Back’s gritty action established his image.

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