What is Terrence Agard Doing Now?

Terrence Agard is a 400m sprinter from the United States who specializes in indoor sprinting. He competed collegiately for the University of Texas where he was a 5-time NCAA champion. Now 30 years old, Terrence Agard continues to compete professionally while also pursuing other interests and business ventures. So what’s the veteran American sprinter up to today?

Overview of Terrence Agard’s Career

Terrence Agard had great success running for the University of Texas, winning multiple NCAA titles from 2011-2014. His pro career highlights include:

  • 2014 USA Indoor Champion in 400m – 45.07
  • Bronze in 4x400m at 2014 World Indoor Championships
  • Silver in 400m at 2016 World Indoor Championships
  • Bronze in 4x400m at 2018 World Indoor Championships

Agard has focused more on indoor sprinting as a professional. He provides valuable relay depth for the United States.

YearMajor Accomplishment
2014USA Indoor 400m Champion
2014Bronze in 4x400m at World Indoors
2016Silver in 400m at World Indoors
2018Bronze in 4x400m at World Indoors

Agard’s Current Training and Preparation

Now a professional for over 8 years, Terrence Agard continues to train seriously while also pursuing business endeavors. Here is an overview of his current training situation:

  • Trains primarily at own facilities in Texas and Chicago area
  • Works closely with personal coach and training partners
  • Focuses training cycles around 1-2 indoor meets per year
  • Emphasizes speed endurance and technical work
  • Maintains strength for power and injury prevention
  • Uses recovery techniques like massage, stretching, ice baths

Agard has the knowledge to tailor his own training as an experienced professional balancing different demands.

How Agard Has Performed in 2022 So Far

Terrence Agard is coming off a solid 2022 indoor season as he begins transitioning outdoors:

  • Ran season best of 46.16 in 400m at New Balance Indoor GP
  • Finished 5th at 2022 USA Indoors, 1 spot from World team
  • Has focused more on 200m outdoors, ran 20.80 so far
  • Is rounding into form with technical work and speed endurance
  • Training for a few European meets over the summer

At age 30, Agard remains capable of quality times on an abbreviated schedule. He provides valuable veteran depth for the US.

Agard’s Goals for Remainder of 2022 Season

Terrence Agard has outlined his plans for the rest of the 2022 season:

  • Run a few European meets at 400m and 200m distances
  • Support younger American teammates as veteran leader
  • Continue improving technique and speed endurance
  • Use 2022 as transitional season while exploring new ventures
  • Listen to body and train smart to preserve longevity

While unlikely to contend for a World team this year, Agard contributes his experience to aid upcoming US stars.

What Other Major Meets Could Agard Target Before Retiring?

Now 30 years old, Terrence Agard potentially has a few more seasons left in his professional career. Some major meets he could still target include:

  • World Indoor Championships (2024, 2026)
  • USA Indoor Championships
  • World Relays (potentially 2023)
  • Diamond League meets (select appearances)
  • American Track League events
  • Potential relay depth for 2024 Olympics

Agard’s value for the US comes from his veteran indoor experience and relay ability. He may focus on mentoring new talent.


In summary, Terrence Agard remains actively involved in professional track and field even as he enters his 30s. He continues to train and compete at a high level, particularly during the indoor season where he has won multiple medals. While likely past his individual peak, Agard provides seasoned leadership to America’s next generation. Expect him to continue making selective appearances emphasizing relay success and mentoring teammates. With other business pursuits underway, Agard’s athletic career appears to be shifting toward sharing his decade of knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions about Terrence Agard

What is Terrence Agard best known for?

Terrence Agard is best known for being the 2014 USA Indoor Champion in the 400m and for winning silver at the 2016 World Indoor Championships.

How old is Terrence Agard currently?

Agard is 30 years old now. He was born on February 27, 1992 in Chicago, Illinois.

Where did Agard attend college?

Terrence Agard competed collegiately for the University of Texas from 2011-2014 where he was a 5-time NCAA Champion.

What was Agard’s specialty event?

The 400 meters, especially indoors, where he won multiple national and global medals in his prime. Agard focused on the indoor 400m.

What is Agard’s 400m personal best?

Agard’s 400m indoor personal best is 45.07 set in 2014. Outdoors his best is 45.16 from 2015.

Who does Terrence Agard train with now?

He trains as a professional mainly at his own facilities in Texas and Chicago with his personal coach.

What medals has Terrence Agard won?

His medals include 2014 World Indoor bronze, 2016 World Indoor silver, and 2018 World Indoor bronze, all in the 4x400m relay.

Does Agard have any Olympic experience?

No, despite his World medals, Agard just missed making the US Olympic team in both 2016 and 2020.

What is Terrence Agard’s height?

Agard is listed at 5’11” tall and 150 lbs. His lean, powerful build is well suited for a 400m sprinter.

Where is Agard competing in 2022?

In 2022 Agard will compete at some European meets in the 400m and 200m as he transitions to outdoor season.

Is Agard still aiming for World Championships?

Not realistically in 2022. Agard is using it as more of a transitional season while mentoring younger teammates.

What business endeavors is Agard pursuing?

He has interests in real estate and is also helping coach some youth track clubs. Agard attends to life beyond sprinting.

How has Terrence Agard raced in 2022 so far?

He ran 46.16 indoors in the 400m and finished 5th at US Indoor Championships. Outdoors he’s run 20.80 in the 200m.

What are Agard’s future goals in track and field?

He aims to keep competing at a high level indoors and provide veteran leadership as he enters his 30s.

Could Agard make a future US relay pool?

Yes, his relay capability could land him on an Olympic or World 4x400m pool again before he retires.

Could Agard break 45 seconds again?

It’s improbable now in his 30s, but Agard has the fitness to potentially run 45-low if he peaks for a fast indoor race.

How has Agard handled transitioning to his 30s?

Very well. He has adapted his training and expectations while pursuing interests outside track. Agard embraces mentoring new talent.

What is Agard’s status for the 2024 Olympics?

He has an outside chance of challenging for the 4x400m pool but would need to significantly lower his times.

When will Terrence Agard likely retire?

Agard will likely retire from professional sprinting sometime after the 2024 season at age 32.

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