What is Xiao Zhan Doing Now?

Xiao Zhan is a Chinese actor and singer who has quickly risen to become one of the most popular stars in China’s entertainment industry. Known for his roles in smash hit dramas like “The Untamed” (2019) and “The Wolf” (2020), as well as his singing career as part of the former boy band X NINE, Xiao Zhan has developed a massive and devoted fanbase.

So what projects is the versatile star working on in 2023? And what does the future look like for the actor affectionately called “Xiao Dangdang” by his fans? Let’s analyze Xiao Zhan’s recent activities and potential next moves.

Current Projects

Reality Show “Our Song 2”

Xiao Zhan is currently appearing as a vocal mentor on the popular Chinese reality singing competition “Our Song 2” which premiered in January 2023. On the show, aspiring singers receive guidance from Xiao Zhan and other industry experts as they compete to release an original single.

Nirvana in Fire Sequel Movie

Later in 2023, Xiao Zhan will star in the highly anticipated sequel film adapting the novel “Nirvana in Fire: The Wind Blows from Longxi.” He reprises his role as the heroic Mei Changsu from the acclaimed 2015 TV series. This movie marks his first leading film role.
Project Type Release Date
Our Song 2 Reality Singing Show January 2023
Nirvana in Fire Movie Sequel Period Drama Film Late 2023

These current projects allow Xiao Zhan to showcase both his acting and singing talents simultaneously for fans.

Recent Activities

Brand Endorsements & Business Ventures

As Xiao Zhan’s fame skyrocketed over the past few years, so have his lucrative endorsement deals and other business ventures. He is now a brand spokesperson for numerous major Chinese brands like OPPO, Estée Lauder, and Beats headphones while also launching successful merchandising with his personal studio Anonymous Club.

Chart-Topping Releases

Musically in 2022, his solo tracks “Light” and “A Summer’s Ballad” both broke records surpassing 120 million streams just on Spotify alone thanks to loyal listeners. The idol demonstrated he can thrive independently now after previously gaining popularity through the disbanded Chinese boyband X NINE.

Philanthropy & Charity Efforts

Giving back to causes and communities in need has remained a priority for Xiao Zhan even amidst his hectic schedule. Most recently, he supported various 2022 charity campaigns focused on rural education in China. This follows years of participation with public welfare initiatives regarding autism awareness, disaster relief, and medical assistance.

Looking Back at Xiao Zhan’s Rapid Rise

Meteoric Breakthrough Thanks to “The Untamed” in 2019

Already pursuing modest success in both acting and singing, 2019 marked Xiao Zhan’s breakthrough into legitimate Chinese superstardom thanks almost singlehandedly to the fantasy action drama “The Untamed.” His performance earned rave reviews leading to many new opportunities. Almost instantly, Xiao Zhan became a household name across Chinese pop culture afterward.

Further Recognition Through “The Wolf” Series in 2020

Riding immense momentum after “The Untamed,” Xiao Zhan continued attracting new admirers by taking on the lead role in the 2020 action thriller series “The Wolf.” Portraying an incognito security expert, Xiao Zhan impressed critics and pulled in strong viewership cementing place among China’s most popular entertainers. 
Project Type Release Year
The Untamed TV Drama Series 2019
The Wolf TV Drama Series 2020

Multifaceted Entertainment Appeal

Between acclaimed acting performances, hit songs as a solo artist and former boyband member, and wildly successful brand sponsorships – Xiao Zhan boasts incredibly multifaceted entertainment world appeal. This rare versatility and talent acceleration fueled his uncommonly swift rise to the absolute apex of Chinese pop culture influence in just a few short years.

What Does the Future Hold for Xiao Zhan?

Numerous Notable Films on the Horizon

Given China’s massive cinema audience, we can expect studios to capitalize on Xiao Zhan’s current popularity by casting him in numerous high-profile films annually going forward. Book adaptations seem likely along with potential Hollywood crossover appeal someday. In many ways, his movie career remains only in its infancy.

Expanded Music Releases & Future Touring

Record-breaking solo singles and reality show work represent only the start for Xiao Zhan’s thriving music side as well. A solo concert tour feels imminent this year or next with an eventual full album release also likely incoming for such a gifted vocalist and dancer.

Even Greater Fame & Influence Across Asia

As one of China’s most followed celebrities across all social media, Xiao Zhan seems destined to achieve true Pan-Asia fame with his work circulating increasingly more throughout online networks and entertainment platforms regionally. The humble, hard-working star deserves to have his talents showcased globally.


Boasting two of China’s highest rated TV dramas in recent memory along with several chart-topping solo pop releases to his name by age 31 – Xiao Zhan’s ascendance and clout, especially considering his late entry into professional performing, looks nothing short of extraordinary already.

Yet as his instantly recognizable face takes on more leading film roles while he continues engaging massive fanbases through concerts and music as well in 2023, one senses this unexpected entertainment dynamo remains far from his peak. Thanks to a uniquely pan-Asian media market and savvy work ethic guiding career choices thus far, the possibilities stay wide open for Xiao Zhan.

Frequently Asked Questions About Xiao Zhan

What Chinese drama made Xiao Zhan famous?

Xiao Zhan instantly became a household name across China thanks to his standout lead performance in the 2019 historical fantasy epic “The Untamed” portraying Wei Wuxian opposite Wang Yibo’s Lan Wangji character.

Is Xiao Zhan performing in a boy band right now?

No, since 2021 Xiao Zhan has focused efforts solely on solo singing and acting projects after previously gaining initial popularity as a member of the now disbanded Chinese boy band X NINE from 2016 to 2019 alongside other male idol performers.

What upcoming shows and movies will Xiao Zhan star in?

Currently slated projects include judging an original Chinese singing reality competition called “Our Song” alongside acting in the highly anticipated film sequel adapting “Nirvana in Fire” reprising his acclaimed lead TV drama role in late 2023.

Is Xiao Zhan on social media?

Yes, Xiao Zhan maintains active personal accounts with huge followings on Chinese platforms like Weibo (55 million+ followers) and Douyin. But he does not currently have public Instagram, Twitter or Facebook accounts targeting more international audiences and non-Chinese speaking fans.

Where was Xiao Zhan born?

Xiao Zhan was born as Xiao Zhan in Chongqing, China on October 5, 1991. He lived much of his childhood in Yueyang located along the Xiangjiang River before eventually moving to obtain his university education in Shanghai prior to pursuing professional acting and singing.

What instruments does Xiao Zhan play?

In addition to incredible dance skills, Xiao Zhan can play both the piano and guitar at advanced levels. He often shows off his musical talents across these instruments in behind-the-scenes footage and at fan events when requested.

Did Xiao Zhan perform at Coachella?

No, despite rumors to the contrary Xiao Zhan did not ever perform at America’s largest music festival Coachella in California. His solo singing career remains heavily centered around Chinese language pop music limiting current overseas exposure opportunities at major global concerts and festivals.

Who is Xiao Zhan dating? Is he single?

Xiao Zhan remains extremely private about his dating life and relationships purposefully to avoid gossip ImpactIng professional work. He stated publicly before he wishes to keep romantic attachments completely confidential without acknowledgment which Chinese fans greatly respect.

Why did X NINE disband?

The former boy band X NINE which featured Xiao Zhan as its most popular member chose to disband in 2019 after 3 years together. At time of dissolution, Xiao Zhan announced he wished to depart and focus efforts instead on accelerating his solo acting opportunities being offered. The split proved wise career trajectory adjustment given his overwhelming solo success since.

What awards has Xiao Zhan won?

Thanks to starring roles in globally popular shows “The Untamed” and “The Wolf,” Xiao Zhan has won a litany of honors at events like China’s Golden Eagle Awards, Eco Brand Ceremony, Asia Rainbow TV Awards and MORE. These accolades recognize his incredible early acting impact despite limited professional experience before age 30.

What businesses does Xiao Zhan invest in?

In addition to founding personal merchandise brand Anonymous Club, reports suggest Xiao Zhan holds modest investment stakes in Chinese technology startups, beauty products, and even esports organizations trying to capitalize on his vast cultural influence through financial partnerships.

What charity efforts does Xiao Zhan support?

Xiao Zhan has conducted impressive charity over 4 million RMB over past 5 years supporting various causes including disaster relief, medical assistance funds, China’s youth foundations, and autism awareness campaigns. Even amidst hectic schedule, he makes time for impactful societal outreach.

Is Xiao Zhan active on Instagram or Twitter?

No. Unlike contemporaries Lu Han and Lay Zhang targeting international audiences, Xiao Zhan’s current social media footprint remains almost exclusively centralized on major domestic Chinese platforms like Weibo, Douyin and QQ rather than global apps like Twitter or Instagram. He boasts over 65 million total online followers in China alone though.

How can Western fans keep updated on Xiao Zhan news?

While he avoids non-Chinese social media, many diligent English-language Xiao Zhan fan clubs maintain Twitter and Instagram hubs regularly translating his updates, media appearances, and new music/film developments for Western fans without language fluency to conveniently stay current. These outlet aggregations prove quite helpful staying up to date.

What are some of Xiao Zhan’s most popular songs?

As a soloist, his track “Dreams Take Flight” exceeded 120 million streams while ballad “Light” also enjoyed incredible digital popularity. Previous group releases also included viral hits “Say Yes,” “Grandmaster,” and “Deep in the Night” when performing alongside X NINE before disbandment.

How tall is Xiao Zhan?

According to official profiles, Xiao Zhan stands around 5 feet 11 inches tall (or 180 centimeters) complementing his slender frame quite well allowing him to take on versatile acting roles across action thrillers, wuxia fantasies and modern romance stories.

What is the story behind Xiao Zhan’s real name?

The august surname Xiao which Xiao Zhan carries marks ancient royal heritage tracing back thousands of years in Chinese history. This eminent name contrasts with his given first name Zhan which by comparison linguistically translates simply to “bat” or “stretches” oddly enough!

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